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Art of Mob is short for Art of Mobile Photography - photographs captured and edited entirely with a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. 

In July of 2012, quite by accident I discovered the work of several artists who were accomplishing beautiful painterly results using only their iPhone. I decided to experiment and purchased a few apps. The whole process of capturing, editing and posting to social sharing sites on one device was appealing and addictive. I quickly abandoned my profession as a sketch card artist to pursue this new and exciting art form. To share my work, I started blogging, but quickly discovered there was so much more that I wanted to share. Art of Mob developed over time and includes interviews, tutorials, app reviews, giveaways and amazing mobile images from around the globe.

UPDATE December 2015: Although I will no longer be posting after January 2016, I have left Art of Mob online as a source of inspiration for all mobile photography enthusiasts.

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Painterly Work by Geri Centonze

Articles About

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Articles Authored

GorillaPod Review Mobiography Magazine, June 2014
Unleash Your Inner Van Gogh, iPhoneLife Magazine, Mar/Apr 2014
Passion for Portraiture, We are Juxt, April 2014
The 11 Most Important Genres of iPhone Photography: Painterly, iPhone Photography School
Don't Install iOS 7 (Until You Do This First!) iPhoneLife.com, Sept 17, 2013
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DIY Macro Lens for Your iPhone, iPhoneLife.com Aug 19, 2013
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A Painting or is it Repix? We are Juxt, June 3, 2013
A Conversation Between Two Artists, We are Juxt, Nov. 2, 2012
Art of Mob Blog (originally iArtChronicles)


2016 IPPAWARDS - 2nd Place Portraits 
ROYGBIV Color Awards - 2nd Place Landscape & Nature 2015
mDAC Photo Art - Top 10 Artists 2015 
Fotor Vehicles & Machines - 1st Place
Fotor BodyArt - 1st Place
2014 IPPAWARDS Honorable Mention Still Life
Honorable Mention GoPix Awards 2013 (16 works)
2nd Zebra Awards (Finalist People and Animals, 2 works)


Administrator Mob Street Flickr Group
Administrator Mob Paint Flickr Group


MDAC Summit, Mobile Photography Art and Digital Painting, August 2015
Museum of New Art Selfie Show, Marilyn and Me, Armada, Michigan, September 21, 2014
MobileMagic XI, The Blue Violin and Fuschia, Lightbox Photographic Gallery, August 2014
The Recital, Exhibited IPA Quarterly October 12 - December 14, 2013
JUXT and AMPt Mobile Photography Exhibtion - Tijuana, Mexico - June 8, 2013
6000 Photos in 30 Days, March 8, April 7, 2013
Portrait of a Woman, D-ive Festival Barcelona, April 19-21, 2013 

Work Featured

2015 Grand Flickr Showcase at theappwhisperer.com
The 100 Best iPhone Photos of 2015, iPhonePhotographySchool.com
Twenty20 Signature Collection and Top 20
The Photography Show 2015, Birminham, UK - images featured in The App Whisperer Seminar
Grand Flickr Group Showcase of 2014 - The App Whisperer
The 100 Best iPhone Photos of 2014, iPhonePhotographySchool.com
Mobiography.net (various showcases)
TheAppWhisperer.com (various showcases)
1000 Words Showcase 67 Jan. 12, 2014 
43mm Issue 3- Mobile Art Exposee (Featured Artist, 10 works)
iPhotograph of the Day, Modern iPhoneographer, June 30, 2013
Apps Uncovered, iPhoneography Central (several features)
Flickr Group Showcases, theappwhisperer.com
NEM Street - Selection 1
NEM SciFi - Selection 2 
NEM Self - Selection 2
NEM Painterly - Selection 2 
NEM Landscapes - Selection 5
Artist of the Month, 2nd Runner Up, iphoneart August 2013
Dawn Esmond Project - Image used, June 12 2013
Artist of the Day, iphoneart, April 3, 2013


TrueView Interview - The App Whisperer 2015
Formulas App - Custom Formula Featured
Juror - 2014 Mobile Photography Awards
20 Best Mobile iPhoneography Resources and Websites
Stackables App - Custom Formulas Featured 
Curator Art of Mob News, Flipboard (13,000+ Subscribers)
Painted Camera App - Original work used in App Store ad (2014)

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