Dec 1, 2015

Imvio iPhone Lenses - An Affordable Alternative

Imvio Lenses sent me their Ultimate Rig which includes a case for my iPhone 6 + 2 Lenses + Lens Carrying Case. The Ultimate Rig is currently selling at a discounted price of $39.99 (marked down from $69.99). It is available in Black, Teal, Sand and Coral. You can visit the Imvio site to purchase.

My first impression from the packaging was definitely a good one.

Once I opened the packaging, it didn't disappoint. The case easily attached to my iPhone 6S and everything lined up perfectly with the openings and buttons on my iPhone. Looks like it will provide good protection as a stand alone case when not using the lenses. Although I like the sleekness of the iPhone it can be a little slippery in your hand without a case.

The lenses come in a handy and sturdy case that can be attached to a keychain or bag if you like. The lenses fit snugly inside.

Included with the Ultimate Rig are a Wide-angle Lens 90º and a Fisheye Lens 170º.  They easily and securely attach to the Imvio case. 

I haven't had a chance to do a lot of exploring with them yet beyond my own backyard, but here are a few samples - note iPhone was set to square shots:

No Lens

Wide Angle

and one more set:

No Lens
Wide Angle
The wide angle did have a bit of distortion on the edges but shows less when shooting a subject that is farther away.

As with most fisheye lenses there is a bit of blurring and distortion around the edges. Fisheye is great when taking selfies to get more of the background behind you but you will have a bit of distortion of the people in the foreground. It does make a fun shot though.

A photo posted by IMVIO (@imvio_official) on

My thoughts: for the price it's a nice lens set. I especially like the protection the case gives my iPhone and the ease of use of the lenses (removing and attaching). Imvio really got the lens case right - I love that the lenses are protected and can be easily found in my bag.

The only thing missing for me is a macro lens. I would prefer a macro lens over the fisheye but I think for the younger more active photographer the fisheye may come in handy.

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