Oct 5, 2015

Mob Paint #45

Creativity can release you from the limitations that the world has constructed around you; the everyday, mundane, 9-5 jail cell where everybody is waiting for the weekend to party so they can get outside of their head.
~Robert LaSardo

Is that what makes creating so attractive? Is it the ability to carry us to another world where time stands still and we release our inner imagination to the world? The Mob Paint Flickr Group is comprised of creatives and I'm pleased to feature some of their work here. If you enjoy editing your images in a painterly way, please join us!

© Ivy Newport
Ivy Newport
Repix, Procreate, iColorama and Stackables

© David Hayes
David Hayes - Dried
ProCamera, VSCO Cam

© Giancarlo Beltrame
Giancarlo Beltrame -- My Lunar Eye 108 - The Tear

© Susan Rennie
Susan Rennie - Dream Walking

The original photograph was taken using Hipstamatic on a foggy beach morning a summer ago. I played with it using Image Blender and Brushstroke to accentuate the dreamlike feeling. This beach in Central Oregon is a place of rich memories for me, and I was propelled by a mixed sense of loss and joyous recall to make it.

If you look hard, you'll see the background image is a dog, my beloved Jack Russell Terrier who took me for many memorable morning walks. It has an element of homage to her.

© Em Kachouro
Em Kachouro - Here Comes the Sun

© The iPhone Art Girl
The iPhone Art Girl - The Tide of Love Can Leave Your Prizes Scattered
Imagengine, Glaze, iColoramaS, Superimpose, ProCamera, Leonardo

© Patricia Januszkiewicz
Patricia Januszkiewicz - they had nothing to say to each other...
iColorama, Stackables

© Cat Morris
Cat Morris - Back to School Season
iColorama, Leonardo, Mextures, Snapseed

© Chris Harland
Chris Harland - Cattle Watering at Greenberfield Locks
To photograph: Classic Toy with Classic Snap Lens & Color Negative Film
Editing: Filterstorm, PhotoForge2, PhotoToaster, Snapseed, Stackables, Camer+, TouchRetouch

© Leon
Leon - Lollipop
Artree, Formulas, Stackables, Mextures, Image Blender, Snapseed, TitleFX

© Matt Kayden
Matt Kayden - First Days of Summer

© Riel Noir
Riel Noir - Comrades in Smoke...
Snapseed, ArtStudio, Brushstroke, iColorama and Paint

© Montse Abad
Montse Abad - Dreaming Barcelona
iColorama, Repix, Stackables

Clint Cline - That Bayou Moon
Hipstamatic, Snapseed, iColorama (simplify, coherence, flow, flat enhance), Glaze, Superimpose, BigPhoto

© Julie Hollow
Julie Hollow - The Lamp
Snapseed, iColorama, Glaze, Superimpose

© Kathy Clay
Kathy Clay - Flowers
iColorama, Formulas, Stackables, Superimpose

© Carolyn Hall Young
Carolyn Hall Young - The Director's Edit: Mike Kucharo

© Vadim Demjianov
Vadim Demjianov - Goodbye Summer
Snapseed, iColorama

© Tuba
Tiny Planet, MarbleCam, Leonardo, Polamatic, PicGrunger, iColorama and Phonto

© Jo Sullivan
Jo Sullivan - Desperate Housewife

I've been working with public domain Renaissance/Baroque art for some time now, re-working each piece to add modern social commentary. For this one, "Desperate Housewife", I used a gorgeous piece by Max Kurzweil as my foundation. 

To re-imagine this work as a composite I used Procreate, Superimpose, Stackables, iColorama and Snapseed. After altering the face with Procreate, I used Superimpose for each layer, one layer per addition, so the birdcage was one layer, each feather has it's own layer, etc... Stackables for texture and lighting, iColorama for blending 7 separate iterations into one and Snapseed for touching up. 

My goal was to create a piece depicting the cognitive dissonance apparent in the lives of some women who've chosen a life of wealth and material substance over their true hearts desires. Subtle? No, but that's a reflection of my personality, for better or worse.

© jun yamaguchi
jun yamaguchi - where you are 2
Brushes, PictureShow, ScratchCam FX, VSCO Cam, Filterstorm, DXP, TouchRetouch, PhotoToaster

© Cary Larrabee
Cary Larrabee - Tumbling Leaves

© Lorenka Campos
Lorenka Campos - Once upon a time, when women were birds
Blender, Superimpose, Snapseed 

© Michael Trombley
Michael Trombley
Camera+, Laminar Pro, Superimpose, Modern Grunge, Brushstroke
I always begin my edits with an initial adjustment of exposure and contrast/saturation, in addition to, altering the light within Laminar Pro.  Once I am satisfied with the light and overall effect I'll begin adding texture.  Starting within Brushstroke which I absolutely love for the painterly quality, and its ability to build upon each texture. After the texture is complete I revert back to the original image using SuperImpose to highlight details within the subject.  Next I really enjoy Modern Grunge for the final layer of texture.   This app reminds me of sifting through an old shoe box full of snapshots that have surrendered to time. Once again I will revert back to the previous image and make adjustments.

© Diana Nicholette Jeon
Diana Nicholette Jeon

© Erika Brothers
Erika Brothers
Superimpose, Alien Sky, Stackables

© Louise Whiting
Louise Whiting
Based on a self-portrait - Snapseed, Superimpose, iColorama, ArtStudio and Distressed FX

© Sandra Becker
Sandra Becker - Visages of Self
Camera+, iColorama, Procreate, Glaze, Glitche, Lens Light

© Liliana Schwitter
Liliana Schwitter
Hipstamatic, Leonardo, iColorama, miTypewriter, Brushstroke 

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