Aug 31, 2015

True Confession on my TrueView Interview

Several weeks ago Joanne Carter asked me to participate in the TrueView Interview series she is publishing at The App Whisperer. I tried a few times to record a video of myself answering the question but each one was so stilted and unnatural that I deleted them. I figured out a way to make a video where I showed a bit of my work and spoke about it while the images moved across the screen. I was quite pleased with it and sent it off to Joanne.

Before it was posted on The App Whisperer, I read a few comments on other interviews done in a similar manner and many people were disappointed that they didn't get to see the person face to face. What to do? I shot a second video wearing a silly white wig and at my request, that is the version that Joanne published.

After viewing the wigged version, I think the video says more about my insecurities than it does about my mobile art. For me, the original version below, in which I gave a completely different answer is still my favorite and truer to who I am. I prefer to remain in the background which is probably why I enjoy blogging. So, I wanted to share it here.

My advice to any of the artists who are still wondering how to present their own TrueView interview is to do what seems most comfortable for you without worrying about what the response will be. I look forward to viewing them all whether you are hiding like me or boldly standing before the camera!

What does my work say about mobile art? from Geri Centonze on Vimeo.

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