Jul 7, 2015

ProCamera 8 Delivers its Most Sophisticated App Ever!

Apple's native camera app although highly improved over earlier editions is still limited. ProCamera 8 is one of the alternative camera apps and it recently got an update.

Check the key features in the press release below to see what's new! Cocologics says that this is the company's most sophisticated app to date.

**Press Release**

ProCamera 8 for iOS delivering SLR capabilities in a simple yet sophisticated fashion

Enhance your photos with the most sophisticated photography app available for iPhone – ProCamera 8. Now equipped with improved HDR capture, Apple Watch integration and much more.


Key features
  •  NEW Photo Compass – discover where any picture was taken around the world and recapture the experience for yourself
  • NEW Enhanced Apple Watch Integration – use your Apple Watch as a remote for ProCamera
  •  NEW Extended Photo Editing Capabilities – a complete new range of photo editing tools allows you to professionally transform your images
  •  NEW Improved HDR Capture – quicker processing and auto-save options mean you never loose that perfect picture
  •  ProCamera HD – the unique app for iPad users specifically optimized for the way people capture images on the iPad

Mannheim, Germany/London, UK, 1st July 2015 – Cocologics, the team that bought you the popular photo editing app ProCamera, today launches its latest version of the successful image manipulation tool ProCamera 8. As pioneers of camera apps ever since Apple made its first public camera API, available back in 2009, ProCamera 8 offers new, wide-ranging features, allowing users to create stunning SLR-like effects with their iPhone.

In keeping with previous versions of ProCamera, everything starts with a snap; however, this is sometimes easier said than done. A lot of people are hunting to find that perfect image. Now, with ProCamera 8’s unique new Photo Compass, users have the ability to discover where any picture from an iPhone was taken and can then be directed to that exact spot even without an Internet connection. Your friends are on holiday in Thailand and capture a great picture on a beach? With Photo Compass you can now find that precise location and experience it for yourself.

However, access to that image is only half the battle. ProCamera 8’s unique arsenal of photo editing capabilities allows users to transform images with the help of 5 powerful new editing tools. From manipulating tonal range and UV filter functionality to providing an authentic analogue look, it’s easy to create that perfect shot.

“We wanted to bring something to the market the likes of which nobody else is offering and we believe we’ve now achieved that with the latest version of ProCamera 8. Photo Compass is integrated with the geolocation data provided within iPhone photos, which allows users to track exact positioning for where an image was captured,” said Jens Daemgen, Founder Cocologics. “We also wanted to focus heavily on the roots of our product, and our array of new photo editing capabilities gives us the confidence that more and more people can start to rely on their iPhone’s instead of SLR cameras to capture and perfect their photographs.”
ProCamera 8 is now functional with the Apple Watch serving as a remote trigger and allowing users to access the camera on their iPhone, even if they can’t physically reach the display. As well as being a capture button, the Apple Watch integration also allows users to sweep through camera modes (Photo, Night Camera, HDR) and also use it as a timer.

“When the Apple Watch was announced, we saw it as an opportunity to usefully expand our ProCamera line of products. Wearing a shutter button on your wrist enables whole new ways of engaging in mobile photography, such as family portraits or something as simple as a selfie,” continued Daemgen.

ProCamera 8 is available to download for £3.99/$4.99 from the App Store. For more information about ProCamera 8, please visit www.procamera-app.com.

End Press Release

iPhone Screenshots Below

I had a quick go to check out the HDR capabilities. Here's one HDR Black and White

and one HDR Vivid

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