Jul 22, 2015

Fotor App Now Features Photo Competitions with Cash Prizes!

Fotor just launched the latest version of their photo editing app and now includes Photo Competitions open to all their users. As part of the beta team, I was able to participate in several of the competitions. I'm proud to say that I received First Prize in two separate categories!

This image was awarded First Place for the BodyArt theme (Prize was $80 US and HDR Darkroom Software for my Mac valued at $89).

The Amiable Young Man © Geri Centonze
The Amiable Young Man

This image was awarded First Place for Vehicles & Machines. ($50 US Prize)

Red Cadillac © Geri Centonze
Red Cadillac

Now you can be part of these photo competitions with the latest update to the Fotor app. I conducted this interview recently with David Wang, Director of Product Development at Fotor to find out more.

What is Fotor? Who created it? 

DW:  Fotor is a digital photo editing platform developed by the photographic development company, Everimaging. Launched in 2012, by Everimaging founder Tony Duan, Fotor originally was designed to allow users the use of a free and powerful online photo editing tool. First released as software for Microsoft Windows and Mac, it has since released mobile versions, supporting both Android and iOS and also exists in an online format, as an image editing website. 

How user friendly is Fotor? Will it take a long time for beginner to figure out how to use it?

DW:  For us, simplicity is the cornerstone of our entire product design philosophy and the result is a clean, user-friendly interface. It would not take more than a few minutes to get the hang of Fotor.

Does the Fotor app have the same capabilities as the web version?

DW:  Not exactly, as the web version has other functions like graphic design and different sets of filters. In the mobile version of Fotor, we have features like photo contests which monopolize most of our time recently.

What makes Fotor different from other editing apps?

DW:  Fotor is extremely easy to use and with many patented photographic technologies like ‘Fotor HDR’ and intuitive image enhancement and RAW format file conversion, it has been the choice of over 100 million people from all over the world!

Tell me about the Fotor Photo Competitions for the beta version of the app? What are the prizes offered? Who does the judging?

DW:  The prizes offered range from $30 up to a few hundred dollars according to the difficulty of each contest theme. We’re proud to have cooperated with many award winning photographers worldwide for the judging. 

Does Fotor include the ability for photographers to sell their work through the app or online versions? 

DW:  Only on Fotor.com. Actually we are creating a whole new stock photo marketplace different to all the existing ones that connects both platforms together.

How is the royalty set for the photos? What percentage does the photographer get?

DW:  We are still having discussions about it but one thing is clear: we would set the royalty fees to a relatively high level and the first batch of photos to be included in Fotor’s Marketplace will receive even higher payment, that’s why so many photographers are contacting us for this opportunity.

What are the future plans for Fotor?

DW:  First and foremost, we will build on our existing photo editing power to enable users to create better photos. Secondly, we will forge the photo stock platform on which our users can capitalize on their creativity effortlessly.

© Joshua Sariñana
Photo by Joshua Sariñana - shot with an iPhone and edited in Fotor

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

DW:  The reason we aim to become a stock photo platform is due to the emerging popularity of mobile photography, which has been bringing in many quality photos to the world of photography, allowing both creativity and capital growth to flourish.

Get Fotor:  Android / iPhone

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