May 30, 2015

Putting Enlight's Urban Through Its Paces -- A Tutorial by David Hayes

UPDATE: (Geri's Note) Before purchasing Enlight, be sure to use this link, or search the App Store using Enlight Lightricks Ltd. There is a "fake" Enlight on the App Store that has copied the icon (with slight variation) and uses all of the photos from the Enlight App. I'm not sure how Apple let this happen, but wanted you to be forewarned, so you don't waste your money on the phony app. Currently the authentic Enlight app is only usable on the iPhone, but when it is made ready for the iPad, you will be able to use your current download on the iPad.

Tucked into Enlight’s bag of tricks is a great set of presets and tools that will bring out the creativity in you. I’m talking about Artistic > Urban. It’s like this...Urban makes you think about where you want to go with your image. This is a good thing...really. could slap a Preset onto your image and publish but that’s not what you want to do when using Urban. You want to ponder the possibilities and, as I found out while using it, show some restraint. Let me show you what I mean!

May 25, 2015

iPhone Photography School Offers Live Conference with Top Presenters!

Have you ever wished you could get in-depth training from some of your favorite iPhone photographers and even be able to ask them questions about their work? Emil Pakarklis, Founder of iPhone Photography School has taken that idea and assembled a list of the world's most respected iPhone photographers in a virtual conference to be held on Saturday, June 6th.

I've often wanted to attend some of the live conferences held in various locations, but travel costs, hotel, meals, etc. plus time spent away from my regular job make it nearly impossible. Now, through the convenience of the internet we can attend a conference without ever leaving home.

The conference will be presented live, but no worries if you're not free on the 6th because once you reserve and pay for your space at the conference, you'll have lifetime access to all recordings from the live event!

Who's presenting?

Jack Hollingsworth

Nayra Rojas - Out of Her iPhone

What is your name and where do you live? 

NR:  My name is Nayra Rojas. I live in the south of Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain with my family.

How did you get started with mobile photography? What device do you use? 

NR:  It all started soon after the birth of my first daughter Salma. I never really stopped to think about the possibilities that these devices had. To be honest, it was the first iPhone that I had that awakened my interest in mobile photography. I am currently using an iPhone 5s which is loaded with hundreds of apps and I try to understand all the features they have.

© Nayra Rojas

May 15, 2015

Oh How I've Missed You!

I've missed so much about blogging...the camaraderie with the community, the intimacy with the wonderful iPhone photographers that I have featured, the sharing of the beauty that so many put out to the world with no hope of gain for themselves!

Dare I say I may re-enter the blogging world in a very limited basis...why not? I may manage only a couple of posts a month, but it's something I really want to continue to do.

There is so much to share in this ever expanding world of iPhone photography. My latest love is the Snapseed update. I'm loving the Stacks feature which allows for copying and inserting the edits done on one image to another. Using this feature, you can also "paint" in an effect on just a portion of an image.  Currently there is no way to save presets of Stacks you have created, but you can create an album on your iPhone or iPad called Presets and then save the photos with the editing combinations you like to that folder. When you want to recreate that "look" just open the image copy the Stacks and Insert them into another photo. This is an easy way to create a series of images with the same effect.

To copy the steps you performed on a particular image, Click on the number in the white square in the top right corner. This will open up a menu along the lower right side that shows the individual steps taken. Click on the three dots in the upper right hand corner and select "Copy". Open another image and click on the "0" in the white square. Click on the three dots and select "Insert". Click on each edit step until you have added them all to your new image and Save.

I did this with a recent photo shoot of my granddaughter (images were shot with a Samsung NX300 - I know it's not a mobile device but I love the narrow depth of field I get with the 30mm pancake lens).

If Google is listening, we would love the ability to save presets!

I look forward to seeing you all on a part-time basis.

© Geri Centonze
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