Jan 15, 2015

The Whole Story by Andrea Pritchard

Finding and learning about photos for The Whole Story series was one of my favorite activities. This is the final one for the series since my days of blogging are coming to an end. I hope you'll take the time to look through the entire set of images which can be found here.

The Photograph

Winged Flight © Andrea Pritchard
Winged Flight © Andrea Pritchard

The Whole Story 

This is the quote I have always placed with this image:
"Jump, and you will find out how to unfold your wings as you fall." Ray Bradbury

The Photograph "Winged Flight" was taken at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts during the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit. As I walked around this beautiful inspirational exhibit many vistas caught my eye, but this particular creation spoke to me. The combination of a winged being possibly perched to take flight, to let go. The feeling that it evoked… letting go of all that was before and embracing all that is new. I am taken with her contemplation and eventual freedom...

I usually keep my post processing to a minimum, although at times I will completely let go (my mood guides me). Preferring to frame my photographs within the confines of the camera frame. I like to remain true to my composition. This would have been shot with my native iPhone camera. As with all my images I do enjoy pushing the contrast, be it in black & white or color. I like the viewer to wonder about what they're seeing. Hopefully allowing them to contemplate, ask questions only they can answer. I feel that the interpretation should rest on the viewer. Each person putting forth their owner creative element, becoming part of the process.

The Photographer - Andrea Pritchard

Art is my passion, always has been and infinitely will be. Whether I'm creating art using a camera, a paintbrush, or a pencil it is just another tool that allows me to express the feelings and emotions inside my soul... I believe that the passion I have for art radiates through my work, as it is my means of communication and elucidation. I am always showing a different light, or another point of view that is unclouded and unique, in other words my own. As an artist I often embrace the abstract elements in life. Images beyond reach, the illusion, the mood, and my sentiments behind the idea. My perceptions and concepts are my unclaimed words; they exhibit stories and silent tales that will often speak from me, in hope that they will vocalize with you.

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