Dec 9, 2014

Share As Image - For All Social Sharing!

One of the tools I use for posting images to Facebook and Twitter is called Share As Image. Here's the description of Share As Image from their press release earlier this year:

Started back in March of 2012, Share As Image was originally called Pin A Quote. While watching his wife browse Pinterest, Adam Rotman noticed that people loved sharing more than just pictures, they wanted to share inspiration. Often, this would appear on Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter as images with quotes or text in them. How did people without advanced image editing tools create these? How could that process be made much easier and be used by anyone? Share As Image was born.

Share As Image introduces a new way of sharing and creating content. The app allows users to highlight text on any web page and instantly turn that text into an image; whether it be their favorite quote, phrase or book review. The free version comes with a wide range of features from image filters to custom backgrounds to a built in photo and patterns library, as well as unlimited images! A PRO version is available for $8/month with custom watermarks, custom urls, an extended library, and new photos and patterns uploaded on a weekly basis. The app is perfect for bloggers, life coaches, authors, social media specialists and Pinterest lovers.

A great new feature is available with our Chrome extension; allowing you to right click any image and add text. Have fun adding captions to your favorite images anywhere on the web, even on Pinterest and Facebook and share with your friends!

As well, a free publisher version is available, where the Share As Image embed code can be included on their site allowing their users to highlight text on their site, create images and share with their social networks! Sites can now allow their users to turn their text based content into images shareable on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and more. You can see Share As Image in action on one of the largest quote sites,

Get your content noticed, start creating, customizing and sharing your favorite images today! 
Below is an example of how I use Share As Image. I would like to take an image from a blog tutorial I did and share it on Twitter. Since I have installed the Chrome Extension I just right-click the image and the menu comes up with the option to Share As Image. 

When I select Share As Image, the menu below comes up and gives me the option of adding text to my image. Just click on the highlighted text to change the content. You can adjust the font style, size, color, alignment. You can also add a shadow or background to accentuate your text.

I've added my text as shown below

Next, you select Save & Share the choices below will be shown. You can share on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest or Buffer. 

I want this image to appear on Twitter, so I clicked the Twitter icon and the menu below comes up. You can change the actual tweet to anything you want - I added a link to the post.

Success! My image was shared!

When I view my Twitter account, I can see that the image was shared.

When you click on the image on Twitter, it is enlarged and shown as below.

All of this is FREE, but you can purchase a Pro Version for $8 a month - With PRO you can add your own logo, 1000+ HD photos to use as background for your text, 50+ font options, HD image saving and sharing and 30 preset templates plus add your own.


  1. Thanks, Geri! Looks like a good choice uploading to Facebook with this watermark to avoid unwanted use of our images...

  2. I didn't think of that - good point!


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