Dec 6, 2014

Anatomy of an Edit No. 7

Here's another in the Anatomy of an Edit series.

Below is the final image

Original Image 

Cropped Below Using Snapseed (Image 1)

Image 1
Ran Image 1 through Brushstroke using preset N6 (Image 2)

Image 2
Ran Image 1 through Tangled FX using one of my custom formulas (Image 3)

Image 3
Ran Image 3 through ToonCamera using the brush shown below

Image 4

Below is the resulting image (Image 4) 

Image 4
Next I combined Images 2, 3 and 4 using Sketch Club. I erased various portions of the images in each layer to allow parts of different layers to show through (Image 5)

Image 5
It's always nice to add a little texture, so next I took Image 5 and added texture using Distressed FX (Image 6)

Image 6
 I wanted even more lines in the image, so I took Image 3 and ran it through Artomaton using the Sketch preset (Image 7)

Image 7
 Next step is to take Image 7 and combine it with Image 6 using Sketch Club (Image 8)

Image 8
Image 8 was then taken to PhotoToaster where I used the Lighting Brushes to add highlights and darken some shadowed areas (Image 9)

Image 9
For just a bit more grit I took Image 9 into ScratchCam to produce the final result (Image 10)

Image 10 - Final

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  1. you are so good at this. I sure hope to get a mini lesson tomorrow

  2. Thanks Di - What time do you think you'll be here?

  3. Actually you can answer that question in an email =)


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