Nov 3, 2014

Art of Everyday Photography - Review

As an iPhone photographer I was curious to see if Art of Everyday Photography by Susan Tuttle would help me improve my work. Although Susan Tuttle's book is geared to moving toward manual with your DSLR to make more creative photos, I found I could definitely apply her principles for composing, lighting and creativity to my own work. 

Throughout the book, there are also specific sections just for mobile photographers including advice from some of the mobile "masters". The move toward more manual adjustments of the camera apps on my iPhone were a bit confusing until I understood the basics of photography. So even the sections on DSLR photography proved informative and useful. I also own a "big girl" camera but have always shot using the auto setting (I admit it!). Susan's book is encouraging me to be more courageous and take control of the shot. 

The book has some unique features, like icons throughout to help you identify if a particular subject covers shooting with Limited Control, More Control, Mobile Photography or is devoted to Post Processing. At a glance you can find the sections that interest you. Another feature you'll find is "Read Me" - if you want the "meat" of a subject, just read these short bolded paragraphs.

For most of us, our photography centers around the everyday - our family, travels, hobbies, etc and this book will give you a greater insight into creating a more beautiful result. 

Available on $16.39

For more of Susan's work and teaching tips I highly recommend subscribing to her website, Susan Tuttle Photography.


  1. Thank you Geri for sharing this! Your support and generosity is most appreciated. <3

  2. You're welcome Susan - always here for you!


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