Nov 26, 2014

Anatomy of an Edit No. 6

Here's a quick tutorial that will hopefully inspire you to create your own fantasy images.

© Geri Centonze
Final Photo

The original image below was created using a photo of the sky I shot from an airplane recently. I converted it to black and white using Snapseed and used the Flood Filter app to create the appearance of water.

© Geri Centonze
Original Image
Next, I added the giraffe using the VFX Studio app. I used the eraser tool in VFX Studio to erase a portion of the legs to give the appearance that they were underwater.

© Geri Centonze
VFX Studio Edit
Next, I took the above image into Sketch Club and used a low opacity soft brush and dark gray color to paint shadows along the lower portion of the giraffe's body. I changed the blend mode to Multiply. 

© Geri Centonze
Sketch Club - Painting in Shadows
To create the reflection I took the above image back into VFX Studio and duplicated the giraffe. The app allows for flipping and changing the perspective of an object as well as lowering the opacity and saturation, which I did. This makes the reflection more believable. Technically it should have had ripples in it like the surface of the water and I could have created them with an app that allows me to distort the image. But for this edit, I thought the reflection looked okay.

© Geri Centonze
VFX Studio - Adding a Reflection
To get the blue tones in the sky I used Photo Effect on the above image. I selected one of the filters in the Warm Winter-a category.

© Geri Centonze
Photo Effect to Tone
In the version I did on Instagram of this photo, I originally used InstaSkyCam to change the sky. When I was preparing this tutorial, I realized that the app had drastically reduced the resolution, so for this tutorial I took the above image and added the sky using Alien Sky.

© Geri Centonze
Alien Sky to Change the Sky
Next, using one of my go-to apps, Stackables, I added a bit of texture to the above image.

© Geri Centonze
Texturizing with Stackables
I wanted a softer look, so the final step was accomplished by taking the above image into PhotoToaster and using the Soft Focus Preset in the Supreme set.

© Geri Centonze
Final touches with PhotoToaster

Apps Mentioned:
Flood Filter for Water Reflections
VFX Studio
Sketch Club
Photo Effect
Alien Sky


  1. This is fantastic - thank you for sharing your process, Geri! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

  2. I love this Geri!!! More simple vids like this please!!!!

  3. Thanks Sherri - Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!

  4. Thanks Shayna - I will be doing more tutorials and simple videos like this in the future.

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