Nov 30, 2014

Announcing New Instagram Challenge - Light

The theme for this week's Instagram Challenge is Light. Tag your new and old smartphone, tablet or other mobile device images with #aom_light. Interpret the theme in your own way. The showcase will be posted here at Art of Mob on Sunday, December 7th.

Instagram Challenge Showcase - Nature

A few years ago, I began work on a book that was never finished. The working title was "A Garden Path to Wisdom". I wrote the introduction and several chapters but never did complete it. Seeing all of the images submitted to the Nature Challenge this week made me think of that book and I went back and re-read my introduction which I'd like to share with you here. 

“Mother Nature” – a name we give to the natural world around us. The dictionary defines mother as, “An origin, source; a woman in a position of responsibility or authority; to give birth to; to care for, nourish and protect.” Is it a coincidence that like a loving mother, our natural surroundings when observed can provide valuable guidance for our own life? Could there be buried beneath the apparent order in our universe divine lessons for living?  
I sense a deep connection when I am in nature – a connection with something other than myself and my own thoughts. For a moment, it seems that I touch the eternal and the infinite. In life’s most difficult moments, I have sought refuge outdoors – to ponder a sunset or silently watch the rhythmic pounding of the surf. There is a clarity that comes. Not even asking questions, I receive answers. If these answers have come by chance, what could I discover on purpose? What lessons would I learn if I stopped long enough to listen to the silence and screams of Mother Nature? 
In my early life, I would have characterized myself as religious – now I choose to call myself spiritual. I believe in a divine intelligence that has created order in our universe (I call this divine intelligence God). I believe this intelligence is also the origin and essence of love. Using those two tenets as my basic philosophy, I believe that by witnessing our natural surroundings we can learn valuable lessons about life and how it should be lived. Revelation should be apparent to the very simple and unlearned as well as the highly educated and economically advantaged, for this is what a loving and intelligent God would do – make the secret of life accessible to all. We can all walk the “Garden Path to Wisdom” just by taking the time to observe the natural order of things. 

Not much has changed over the years, I still find solace in nature. Thanks to everyone who participated. It was hard to select only a sampling of photographs. To view them all, please visit the #aom_nature hashtag on Instagram. 


Nov 26, 2014

Anatomy of an Edit No. 6

Here's a quick tutorial that will hopefully inspire you to create your own fantasy images.

© Geri Centonze
Final Photo

Jerzy Jachym - Featured Mobile Photographer

© Jerzy Jachym
What is your name and where do you live?
JJ:  My name is Jerzy Jachym. I live and work in Przeworsk, a small town in southeastern Poland.

How did you get started in mobile photography? What device do you use?
JJ:  I began my mobile photography adventure a year ago. In December 2013 I won a smartphone on a television contest. I had a lot of free time since I had just lost my job, so I was able to do a lot of photography. For a few months I used the HTC One. Currently, I use only the iPhone 5s to photography and the iPad Air to edit. 

© Jerzy Jachym

Nov 25, 2014

NEM V-Ex The Consciousness of Water by Robin Robertis

Please visit the current virtual exhibit at the New Era Museum. The NEM V-Ex is featuring The Consciousness of Water by Robin Robertis.
"Robin Robertis travels the world to capture unique and emotionally compelling images and currently uses a variety of processing iPhone apps to create her finished work.   
As a recognized artist in the field of mobile imagery, she creates artwork that invokes deep emotional and magical places found only the unconscious dreams of those who dare to peek behind the curtain of day-to-day life."
Read more and experience the exhibit by visiting the NEM website.

Nov 24, 2014

Mob Paint Monday No. 40

“There are painters who transform the sun to a yellow spot, but there are others who, with the help of their art and their intelligence, transform a yellow spot into sun.” 
~Pablo Picasso

Here is the 40th Edition of the Mob Paint Showcase. The Mob Paint Flickr Group is a group for mobile artists who create using their smartphone, tablet or other mobile device and edit in a painterly fashion. There are no strict guidelines other than the image should suggest to the viewer that it could be a photo or a painting. When possible please include the apps used for editing in the "Description" section on Flickr. 

Any style is welcome - abstract, realism, surrealism, etc. Have fun and join us!

© Tania Konnerth
© Tania Konnerth
Apps: Hipstamatic, Image Blender, Distressed FX, Lo-Mob, Iris

Nov 23, 2014

Announcing Art of Mob Instagram Challenge - Nature

The theme for this week's Instagram challenge is nature. Mobile photographs only - edit in any style. Tag your images #aom_nature. The showcase will be on Sunday, November 30th.

Instagram Challenge Showcase - Motion

"The aim of every artist is to arrest motion, which is life, by artificial means and hold it fixed so that a hundred years later, when a stranger looks at it, it moves again since it is life". 
~ William Harrison Faulkner

Thanks to everyone for participating in the Motion Challenge on Instagram. Please take a moment to view all of the entires #aom_motion hashtag. 


Nov 21, 2014

December 1 Deadline for 4th Annual Mobile Photography Awards is Near!

The 4th Annual Mobile Photography Awards, founded in 2011 to recognize and celebrate the talent and imagery of the mobile phone photography & art communities, is fast approaching its 2014 submission deadline of December 1st.

The Mobile Photography Awards is the world’s longest running annual event & international competition promoting mobile phone art and photography. Alongside the annual competition (October-December), the MPA produces themed gallery exhibits with international open calls throughout the year. The MPA Grand Prize winner is awarded $3000 and the winner of the MPA Photo Essay is awarded $500.
Open to all mobile phones and tablets, the MPA has seen a steady increase of Android entries since 2011, when 96% of images submitted were from iPhones.  In 2013, the MPA received over 7,000 entries from more than 1,200 photographers from nearly 75 countries.
The MPA offers photographers and artists opportunities for exhibits, open gallery calls, fine art sales, and annual cash prizes.  As an organization, They have distributed nearly $50,000 directly to artists and photographers through cash prizes and fine-art sales since 2012.
“At heart, The MPA is an opportunity for people to bring attention to their work at the same time as we bring attention to the work of the community as a whole.” – MPA Founder Daniel Berman
The Mobile Photography Awards has produced more than a dozen gallery exhibits in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Toronto, Melbourne, San Jose, and more.
The Mobile Photography Awards has 20 photo categories. Every image entered may be placed in up to two (2) categories. All category winners receive MPA prize packs and are included on the exclusive MPA Exhibit Tour, with further opportunities for fine art sales. Grand Prize winners receive $3000 and the winner of the MPA Photo Essay is awarded $500.
Registration and uploading may be done from any device or desktop computer at 
Entry fees have remained unchanged since 2011.

Nov 20, 2014

Anatomy of an Edit No. 5

Another quick tutorial showing my workflow for a painterly edit.

Apps used in this tutorial:
Paper Artist
Sketch Club
Photo fx Ultra

Shoot Image - iPhone 6 native camera used

Using Paper Artist I selected the Oils Clean Preset and painted over the image (you can find this preset under the tab showing a bird)

Nov 19, 2014

Julie Hollow - Scenes from Down Under

Reflection in a shop window © Julie Hollow
What is your name and where do you live?
My name is Julie Hollow and I live near the small township of Bright in rural Victoria, Australia. I grew up in Melbourne and always enjoy city trips as a contrast to my country lifestyle here. I work full-time as a primary school teacher.

How did you get started in mobile photography? What device do you use?
I was totally entranced the first time I was shown the Hipstamatic app, and I knew that I just had to get an iPhone for myself. My first phone was the 3G and I loved it. The fact that it was always with me meant that I started taking photos whenever I saw something that caught my eye. I tended to just use the Hipstamatic camera and didn’t really do any editing, as I was happy with what it could do and did not really know any other apps. Then I was shown Snapseed and that really got me hooked on editing as a creative process. It remains one of my favourite apps, and the one I go to first up every time. In June 2012 my sister suggested Instagram (I had never even heard of it!) as a way of sharing my photos and that was the beginning of my obsession with iPhoneography! I currently use an iPhone 4s and do all my editing on my iPad. I love the feeling that I am painting with my fingertips. I am sad to admit that my less than 12-month old Canon 6D has not left its bag for quite a while now!!!

The Green Door © Julie Hollow
The Green Door 

Nov 18, 2014

Mob Street No. 9

"The city is not a concrete jungle, it is a human zoo." ~ Desmond Morris

When I was a child before the days of the TSA and metal detectors, our family used to drive to the Los Angeles airport, head to the departure area and watch people come and go. We enjoyed the joy-filled reunions and even the tearful goodbyes. Maybe that's when my love of people watching was born. Mob Street gives me the opportunity to watch people from all over the world through the smartphone lenses of so many talented people! Thank you all for continuing to contribute to the Mob Street Flickr Group.

Please join us on Flickr if you're a smartphone photographer and enjoy street photography.

© Richard Pilon
© Richard Pilon

Nov 16, 2014

Instagram Challenge Showcase - Shadows

Thanks to all who participated in the Shadows Instagram Challenge. If you have any suggestions for future challenge themes, please let me know in the comments. Also, spread the word about the challenges by tagging your friends so that we can have more participation from the Instagram community!

To view more images from the challenge visit the #aom_shadows hashtag. Instagram usernames are listed under each photo below.


Nov 13, 2014

Andrea Bigiarini - Renaissance Man

When I think of a Renaissance man, Andrea Bigiarini comes to mind. Andrea is not only a photographer but also dabbles in other art forms as well including music and writing. On top of his talents he has a wonderful sense of humor and doesn't take himself too seriously.

What is your name and where do you live?
AB:  My name is Andrea Bigiarini, I live on the App Store but in reality I live in Florence, Italy. 

How did you get started in mobile photography? What device do you use?
AB:  A long time ago, I went to Miami and the 1st iPhone was in the stores so I grabbed one and I started shooting from that day. I mostly use iPad Mini for 3 reasons: Battery life, I have big hands and I don’t have to wear spectacles. Joking aside, I prefer the Mini because I have more control and more space to work.

© Andrea Bigiarini

Nov 8, 2014

Guest Tutorial by Humberto Dominguez

Initially when I spotted this photo by Humberto Dominguez (@salopalo on Instagram), I asked him if I could feature it as part of The Whole Story series. Humberto responded by offering to provide a tutorial for the image, so I jumped at the chance to be able to see his creative process. Take it away Humberto!

Tutorial by Humberto Dominguez
I have been on Instagram roughly two years. What drew me in, in addition to an appreciation of photography, was the potential for developing my creative and artistic exploits. I am a practicing lawyer, but one of my avocations has always been painting.  Due to time and space constraints, my work on canvas (and any other tangible surfaces) has slowly diminished over the years.  The love of painting perhaps explains why many of my posts display a painterly look or style. Aside from the painterly theme, I see my work infused with geometry. Growing up, at times I thought I would be an architect. I love working with lines and defined shapes, and ideas readily come to my head when I see a photo in geometric terms.  I would love to be active on other platforms, like Flickr etc, but there is just so much time during the day.

Nov 6, 2014

The Whole Story by Petyr Campos

The Photograph

© Petyr Campos

The Whole Story 

Like a lot of my ideas, this one has been whirling in my head for a long time. The original genesis for the image was to create a series of images of a person going through life on autopilot (hence the robot). However, sometimes as I'm creating the image, I discover a new way to present the image that I had not though of before. I was recently invited to submit work to the "Mobile Art L'arte è Mobile - Festival FuturoPresente 2014" show in Italy. The theme of the show is conflict. So I re-imaged the original concept I had about living live on autopilot and created this image. I wanted to create an image that implied conflict but was ambiguous as to what the conflict is. I still intend to create the life auto pilot series but the timeline for that project is still open.

Nov 5, 2014

Devin Castro - The "Dear Stranger" Series

One artist interview seems to lead to the discovery of another artist. Such is the case with today's featured mobile photographer, Devin Castro. When I interviewed Jordan Foy about his photography and the Steller app, he mentioned Devin Castro as one of his favorite Steller storytellers. Devin has a unique series called "Dear Stranger". After checking out Devin's Steller stories, it was a done deal - I had to feature him too!

© Devin Castro
What is your name and where do you live?
DC:  My name is Devin Castro and I currently reside in Seattle, Washington.

How did you get started in mobile photography? What device do you use?
DC:  I bought myself an iPhone 4 (my first iPhone) back in June of 2010. After a few months of taking random photos with this mobile device, I stumbled upon the Instagram app in October and immediately fell in love with it. Ever since then, I've been taking more and more photos with my iPhone. It's gotten a bit addicting, really. I just love the accessibility of using a mobile phone, because it's so easy and efficient. For me, it's the fastest way to capture the in-between moments of life. I also just recently purchased an iPhone 6 and am loving its enhanced camera; it's such an upgrade from my iPhone 4 as you can very well imagine.

© Devin Castro
"Dear Stranger, I love the color of your moped. If you didn't have to worry about gas money, I wonder where you would travel to first."

Nov 4, 2014

Mob Street Tuesday No. 8

“One should really use the camera as though tomorrow you’d be stricken blind." ~ Dorothea Lange
The quote by Dorothea Lange got me thinking. We don't have to go as far as being stricken blind to start those creative juices flowing. What if this was the last day you would have access to a camera. What or who would you photograph? A family member or good friend, a favorite scenic spot, a treasured family heirloom? Make a bucket list and start checking it off today!
Below are highlighted images from the Mob Street Flickr Group. This group is for street photographers who use a mobile device. I hope you'll join us!

© unaisa momoitio
© unaisa momoitio

Nov 3, 2014

Art of Everyday Photography - Review

As an iPhone photographer I was curious to see if Art of Everyday Photography by Susan Tuttle would help me improve my work. Although Susan Tuttle's book is geared to moving toward manual with your DSLR to make more creative photos, I found I could definitely apply her principles for composing, lighting and creativity to my own work. 

Throughout the book, there are also specific sections just for mobile photographers including advice from some of the mobile "masters". The move toward more manual adjustments of the camera apps on my iPhone were a bit confusing until I understood the basics of photography. So even the sections on DSLR photography proved informative and useful. I also own a "big girl" camera but have always shot using the auto setting (I admit it!). Susan's book is encouraging me to be more courageous and take control of the shot. 

Nov 2, 2014

Instagram Challenge Showcase - Dark Art

"Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before." ~ Edgar Allan Poe

Exploring the darker side with this week's Instagram challenge. Thank you to all who participated. Below are a few highlighted images from the nearly two hundred works submitted. The artist's Instagram username is listed under each photo. To see all the entries please visit the #aom_darkart hashtag


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