Oct 2, 2014

Trunx - A Storage and Organizing App for Your Visual Media

When you shoot, save and organize a lot of photos there's always the challenge of finding the best way for this never ending task! I recently discovered an app called Trunx that I've been using for a short while. I contacted Sandra Ponce de Leon, VP of Marketing, to find out more about Trunx. After you finish the interview, be sure to read my comments on my first impressions.

What is Trunx?

Sandra:  Trunx is a mobile app storage solution for all of your visual media. Trunx allows you to import photos from your phone, desktop, social networks and Dropbox to keep them safely secured in our cloud. Trunx aims to be the world’s biggest memory bank by providing fast, easy, organized access to all of your memories regardless of where they may currently reside.

How does Trunx differ from other cloud storage apps?

Sandra:  Trunx is different in a number of ways. We use a hybrid method of encrypting our users’ data, for one; by separating the encryption key from the storage. In leveraging this method, your pictures are far more protected than other solutions in market. Secondly, we are offering unlimited storage until the end of the year -- no matter the size of your data, if you import it to Trunx by 2015, it will always be stored for free! Third, we really set ourselves apart with two unique features: EchoPix, pictures with sound, and SharedPix, which are collaborative photo albums. Trunx also provides several different options for viewing and finding these photos -- whether it be through our timeline view, calendar, or smart tags, Trunx has a view that makes finding any photo a breeze.

Tell me a bit about the SharedPix feature.

Sandra:  SharedPix is really cool. It’s an extremely useful (and fun) feature that allows you to share photos privately between friends and/or family members for a collaborative photo sharing experience. Instead of trying to figure out Facebook’s privacy settings or sending extremely large emails with attachments, SharedPix provides a simple solution to sharing bulk photos. 

What’s so cool is that SharedPix becomes a living photo album that comes alive as people continue to add their photos. I have a shared family album that has nine of my family members all over the world sharing pictures and updating us all in real time of what’s happening in their lives. Plus, I don’t have worry about clogging my social streams or annoying people with a ton of pictures from one particular event or get overloaded on baby cuteness. 

And let’s not forget to mention the fact that images on Facebook are unsafe and can even be used without your knowledge in advertising or worse yet, instances like this

Does Trunx only save images from your Photos app or can you add photos from social sites like Instagram?

Sandra:  Trunx will import your photos from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox as well as your desktop, flash drives, old CDs -- wherever those pictures may reside! Trunx then organizes all of yours photos by calendar year and month. It also adds smart tags to allow you to see those imported photos at a glance.

What is the desktop uploader?

Sandra:  Is it available for both Mac and Windows users? The desktop uploader is simple plug-in that is available for both Mac and PC that allows users to pull photos from their desktop and upload them to Trunx so they are then fully integrated and accessible on their mobile device at any time.

What is the Memori Lane Extension?

Sandra:  We're very excited about this new iOS8 app extension! Memori Lane can be found in the notifications portion of your iPhone. It will either show you a picture taken exactly one year in the past or randomly surprise you by going down memory lane even further. We all check our notifications regularly. While being reminded of that big meeting or upcoming call, why not throw in a fun memory of times past to brighten your mood!

Please tell me about the special offer for FREE storage which has been extended to January 1, 2015. 

Sandra:  Yes, we're excited to be able to offer unlimited storage from now until the end of the year. Anything you put into Trunx between now and 2015 - whether that's 50 gigs or 1 terabyte- will always be yours for free!

Do you have a ballpark pricing for what the storage fees will be after January 1st?

Sandra:  Come January 1st, 2015, you will still be able to access, view and share all photos saved until that point, but if you would like additional storage, you can invite friends to earn GBs, or purchase GBs for a very low price. In a nutshell, we’ll have something for everyone: for the person that wants to earn additional storage, for someone that just wants to purchase additional packets of storage and for someone who is interested in unlimited storage and doesn’t mind paying an annual or monthly subscription.

I understand there is an issue with iOS 8. What is it and when will it be corrected?

Sandra:  Unfortunately, Apple decided to make a change to their iOS8 without informing developers like us who had been testing our app on a previous version. The good news is that we've identified the issue and submitted an updated version -- the approval from Apple should be here in no time!

UPDATE October 6, 2014:

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 1.12.53 PM
We’re happy to let you know that Trunx 3.1 is now available! You should now have no problem importing photos to Trunx from your Camera Roll. Just head over to the App Store to update your version of Trunx.
Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Sandra:  People have shared so many awesome uses for Trunx -- everything from the fun to the functional. We have people that submit stories about how they used EchoPix to document and record a relative’s story in their own words to people that use SharedPix as a study tool and a means to share class notes (pictures, video and EchoPix) via a shared class outline. While others use it to manage their personal records, art inspiration, recipes, #tbt posts (throwback Thursday), and so much more! We love to hear back from our users on their favorite use and would welcome readers of Art of Mob to download Trunx and share more creative Trunx ideas with us!

About Sandra Ponce de Leon 

Sandra Ponce de Leon, VP Marketing of Trunx has been showing her persistence at Silicon Valley startups in digital advertising, social business and mobile consumer technologies for over a decade. Her entrepreneurial spirit has help guide Trunx from conception to market launch.

Prior to Trunx, Sandra worked with leading companies such as OpenHarbor, Brightidea and HipLogic, an Android developer that was acquired by Zynga. Sandra is passionate about developing integrated programs designed to reach mobile consumers and responsible for corporate marketing strategy, product positioning and customer acquisition and retention.

Headquartered in San Francisco, California and founded in 2013 by Jeff Chen and Jay Shen, Trunx aims to serve as the biggest memory bank in the world via secure cloud storage. With the mission to help people record and organize their photos, the Trunx app allows people to take complete control over every photo they take and store everything together all in one place.

Find Sandra: Twitter / LinkedIn 

Connect with Trunx: Twitter / Pinterest / Facebook / Blog

Geri's Commentary: After using Trunx for only a few days I'm really happy with it so far. I am taking advantage of the free storage until January 2015 and have uploaded all of my edited images from my Mac, my family photos, unedited photos as well as those on Instagram and Dropbox - more than 25,000 photos. I can now pull up any of them on my iPhone or iPad when needed. If I choose to share them somewhere I can do that as well. I haven't yet tagged them all - that will be a long process, but once it's done, it's done!

Locating a photo is easy with the tag and calendar sorting options. I can quickly find a photo and then save it to my device for editing. This gives me the freedom to not clutter up my devices with images.

Search using the calendar

Sharing is easy too. Just tap on the photo to share and then tap the up arrow. From there you can Save to Device, Add to SharedPix, post to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or send by Email or Message. The "more" button provides the ability to open in a number of apps on your device.

I have had a few issues with the app crashing, however I believe those will be ironed out when Apple approves the new update. I don't think it's a Trunx specific issue as my iPad has been crashing since I installed iOS 8 and subsequent update of iOS 8.0.2 hasn't corrected it yet.

If you give Trunx a try, I'd love to read your feedback in the comments.


  1. Hi Jane, I haven't done that yet and rather than speak too soon, I advise you to write support at Trunx to make sure. I'm pretty sure the answer is yes, but I've been having a lot of glitches with iOS 8 and I'm afraid to do anything right now as far as deleting images. Here's the link to the support page http://support.trunx.me/

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