Oct 7, 2014

Mob Street Photographer - Dariusz Sobiecki

When we think of street photography we often think of people frozen in motion on a crowded city street, however street photography is more than that. Wikipedia describes it: 
Street photography is photography that features the human condition within public places and does not necessitate the presence of a street or even the urban environment. 
Today's mob street feature showcases just such an image.

The Work

The Kite Whisperer © Dariusz Sobiecki
The Kite Whisperer

The Photographer - Dariusz Sobiecki

Dariusz Sobiecki
My name is Dariusz Sobiecki and I live in the city of Gdynia, a fantastic Polish gem of modernist architecture. An English teacher and translator by profession, I have also been developing my passions: music, exploration, photography, blogging – to name just a few.  It was as recently as around 2011 that photography started playing the dominant role, or rather became a way to communicate my creative concepts with other people. Numerous contest wins and awards since then have naturally given me much satisfaction but sheer love of capturing moments has always been the most important motivation.

Equipped with my mobile and DSLR camera. I also fervently document and explore the history and interesting sites of my region, especially those abandoned and sinking into oblivion. In 2013 I began running a blog dedicated to my beloved Gdynia.  Soon I am also planning to start a blog about so called Tri City where I want to present my subjective highlights of Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot. My former singing in rock bands is now replaced by almost obsessive listening to music where I often find inspiration and boost of positive energy. And cycling - I could never forget about it ! Once fast and adventurous – now fast and usually photography – bound 

Dariusz' Commentary - The Kite Whisperer

There are days when I go out hunting for moments to capture nearly dazzled with intensity of stimuli coming from either “nature play” or street life. February 5, 2014 was obviously such a day! It was very special because after three weeks of fierce winter, days of thaw finally came. It was warm and pleasant but the landscape was still cast with ice. As I was getting nearer the city beach, I spotted a young man flying a kite – a totally striking site in the midst of winter! The scene was so archetypal and contrastive that I knew instantly a new frame must come out of it! I took a few pictures already visualizing the desired effect. Having chosen the best take, I got to the edition – to strengthen the symbolic, timeless impact I was moderate with modifications, limiting myself mostly to the basic touches like the crop, light and contrast – as an Android user I usually use Pixlr for most of the editing. I also add PicsArt filters occasionally - that time I needed a Twilight filter for a slight dim and the hazy circle – so important to create the corresponding atmosphere. The memorable Wednesday late morning gave me more significant images, including The Eternal Road - Extended Re-edit, recently featured in Mob Street

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  1. Thank you very much for featuring me and my photos on your blog, Geri ! It is my great pleasure to share my creation here !


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