Oct 6, 2014

Mob Paint Monday - Featured Artist Christine Sobczak

The Work

© Christine Sobczak
The Magic Bubble

The Artist - Christine Sobczak

My career journey started as a Registered Nurse. I loved science. When my children were young, I decided that I wanted to become an artist. I had zero background in art at that time. However, I loved and still do interior styling. The university that accepted me did not require a portfolio (they do now). It took me a long time to complete my degree. Oh, it was so difficult at times!

I have a degree in fine art with a major in photography. The darkroom was a wonderful place and I remained in it until two to three years ago. I call myself a gallery artist. My images were printed on silver paper that I hand colored. I sold them in art galleries. And, I have had my successes. From that ancient way of functioning, straight into mobile photography! Wham! All of the struggles in that darkroom, were solved with my smartphone and apps ! I have been creating mobile images since Fall 2013. 

Christine's Commentary

The title of this image is The Magic Bubble. I am in love with the moon and the cosmos. They seem like magic to me and my images reflect/reference them. All of my blended images have been carefully shot with my smartphone (Samsung 4/5) and I have altered them with my iPad (which has been asking for a vacation). I do not appropriate any images. All of the objects/spaces/landscapes have been shot by me. They are stored for future use. For this image (and most of my images), I have used PhotoToaster, Blender, Glaze, and PhotoShop Touch. I am really, really not technical and work intuitively!

I am on Flickr as Karma O. I do have other accounts on Twitter etc. however, I am not active on them. A huge thank you to you Geri, Joanne Carter, Roger Guetta and many more who have made this a new photography/art history movement/moment. All of my art history classes have made me aware of something new on the horizon in photography.

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  1. Spectacular editing...thanks for sharing, Geri! I will have to seek Karma O. out on Flickr.

  2. I love your work and look forward to seeing more!

  3. Wait till you se what she's doing Sherri - it's so unique. I love her work


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