Oct 3, 2014

Jordan Foy - Featured Mobile Photographer

What is your name and where do you live? 

JF: My name is Jordan Foy and I am currently based in the small city of Chester (United Kingdom). It's a great little city with a lot of history.

How did you get started in mobile photography? What device do you use? 

JF: I actually started ages ago - remember the Sony Ericsson Cybershot? That's where I started! I then moved onto an iPhone, my first was the 5, and I went through the whole '15 filters and a frame' on Instagram shots, I look back at the photos I used to take and they are shocking, I am so happy I got past that.

Do you have a traditional photography or art background?

JF: I first picked up art in high school, so when I was 14. I did graphic design and art classes. By this time I was taking photographs on family holidays, everything from nature to architecture, but never family holiday snaps! Every time I took one I thought was any good, every single family member that was on holiday with me had to be shown it! I am now in my third and final year of university doing a photography course. Never do one of these at university...it's useless!

© Jordan Foy

Who or what inspires you?

JF: My favorite photographer is Vivian Maier. What an incredible, mysterious woman who happened to be one of the best creatives never discovered until it was too late. Other than that, I love taking inspiration from everybody, just like David Bowie, I adopt styles and techniques from everywhere!

I met you through your involvement with the Steller app. What is Steller and how did it come about?

JF: Steller is a new creative social media app where people can share their stories, which elsewhere can be hard to share. Steller allows you to share your stories through images, videos and text. There’s a really vibrant and diverse community taking shape comprised of photographers, food lovers, adventurers and creatives. It came about when the co-founders brain stormed ideas in their garage. They wanted to allow people to share stories on a simple interactive app, and the rest is history!

© Jordan Foy

© Jordan Foy

What sets Steller apart from other storytelling apps?

JF: Oh good question and one I love to answer. What sets Steller apart is people for the first time can share their story with their photos and videos in a way that just doesn’t exist in other apps/software today. Steller has put back the interactivity of holding a book and flipping through pages to see what’s next. Also the ability to combine photos, videos and text and design how you want yours to look turns each story into a piece of creativity in itself. I get lost in the creativity of the app. No other app is as fulfilling and captivating for me. I enjoy so many authors on Steller.

© Jordan Foy

© Jordan Foy

What makes a good story on Steller? Are some subjects more popular than others?

JF: I love stories from all different types of creatives. The great thing is I like to take inspiration from all different types of genres and the Steller community definitely holds all types of genres. From what I’ve seen there’s a lot of purely creative stories, as well as many on places and travel, food and recipes and adventures all around the world. The everyday stories too in the community have their own unique charm. It’s nice to see how people live in different parts of the world, what they’re thinking about. Some of my favorites from the community are;

Devin Castro / @Devin Making incredible stories combining photography + video in the most dream like way!

Tiffany Mitchell @tifforelie A wizard in the Kitchen who will leave you feeling hungry at the end of each her stories!

Stu Heppell / @stuheppell Follow his collection entitled, ‘ Four Australians in the USA’. It is one captivating series of America.

Chris Belcina @chrisbelcina Showing you the world that little bit closer! His collection entitled, ‘Macro Adventures’ are a must view.

Jonathan Lo / @happymundane The godfather when it comes to bringing the mundane into the limelight.

Andy Best / @andy_best View the most incredible trips documented with awesome photography +video!

For anyone new to Steller or just interested in connecting, my Steller handle is @jordanfoyI post my own stories and also republish lots of cool stories that I find from around the community too.

© Jordan Foy

© Jordan Foy

Are there any plans for an embed feature with Steller? I'm sure bloggers would love that.

JF: The embedded feature on the app is being rolled out gradually and is available by request to support@mombo.com. It’s coming soon soon for everyone.

© Jordan Foy

What other changes are in store for future updates?

JF: Like the best things coming out, all is secret till revealed! I’m really excited about the new login and find friends via Instagram. This makes it simple to find all of your friends and followers that are on Steller too.

© Jordan Foy

Back to your photography - what photo are you most proud of and why?

JF: I think the word proud may be a bit too strong, but I am quite happy with the photographs I am producing at the moment, I am consistently inconsistent so my style can change from week to week. I am loving to take videos at the moment, I am inspired a lot by Devin Castro, whom I just mentioned. His video style is just incredible, they are like little snippets of dreams! They’re the reason I started experimenting with video. I use my iPhone for the video creating since it’s always with me.

Do you have any "go to" apps that you use when editing? What are they?

JF: For photography I use VSCO, the best and only filter app I use. If I ever want to edit the photograph further, like remove anything, I use Facetune. This as the name suggests is a selfie editor, it actually has some great features which help me edit images, I may be the first to use it for photography, and not for the infinite amount of self portraits people take! For videos I use Chromic, which is just as good as VSCO for video, and until VSCO has the ability to edit video I will use Chromic. To add music in my videos I actually use the app Splice and record the music off my iPad onto my iPhone, there could be an easier way, but I enjoy doing it this way!

© Jordan Foy

© Jordan Foy

What advice would you give mobile photographers just starting out?

JF: Treat your phone like it's the best camera on the market, the most expensive piece of photographic equipment out there and ignore everything else. I always think if you treat it like it's the best, you will get the best results. The sense of joy I get when I take a shot I am happy with is like no other!

Apps Mentioned:

News Flash! Steller 2.1 has been released.

Steller 2.1 adds Login and Find Friends via Instagram + new iOS 8 features such as multi-photo/video select via the iPhone camera roll.

The Instagram Find Friends is significant for all pro authors, as it allows:
- All new users registering with Instagram to be prompted to follow you on Steller when they join
- All users that tap Find Friends can find/follow you if they follow you on Instagram
- Plus you'll be able to find friends and people you follow too

How to Find Instagram Friends 
1. Tap Search icon in top right corner of the app > Tap Find Friends
2. Tap Instagram icon in top right > Tap Connect to Instagram
3. Done!

Loving Steller? Take a moment to share your rating and review on the App Store. With each release, the App Store visible comments go back to none. Review the new version here.

Geri's Note: Steller is currently featured on the App Store home page under Best New Apps and has a Banner Spread for Photo & Video and Social Networking.

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