Oct 2, 2014

International Mobile Photography Exhibition in Poland

The Polish mobile photography community is a vibrant and creative one. I'm happy to share details of an upcoming exhibition. Details provided by Grupa Mobilni.

International Mobile Photography Exhibition 
"Slowing down ~ The tales from our streets and backyards”

October 18, 2014

Community Centre "Słońce”
Osiedle Przyjazni 120
Poznan, Poland

Mobile Photography Enthusiast Group “Mobilni
Exhibition description:
The city pulse is always on. Be it the clamor of cars, live stream of people or the scent of fast food. We — the city citizens — mostly pacing through the streets and districts in a constant hurry, rushing to offices, schools and shops. Always pressured, seldom able to admire other signs of street life: street musicians, people on benches lost in their thoughts, couples in love, totally absorbed in their intimate talk, people who resist being carried away by the rapid current of the rushing crowd. Thanks to them, the city can pause for a split second and let us breathe again. "Slowing down. Tales from our streets and backyards” is the first international mobile photography exhibition organized in Poland. One hundred photos made with smartphones, showing our everyday life through the prism of thoughtfulness, holding back and calm. At the exhibition you will be able to see photos of mobile photographers from the Czech Republic, Italy, Latvia, Germany, USA and of course — from Poland. You will see photos from such great photographers like Thomas Kakareko, Greg Schmigel, Emil Pakarklis, Philippe Gonzalez, Moritz Möller, Richard "Koci” Hernandez, great Italian photographers from GoodFellas group, photographers from a former group "Opojeni” and photographers from  the "Mobilni” group.

About Mobile Photography Enthusiast Group “Mobilni”:
“Mobilni” is an informal group bringing together mobile photo enthusiasts from all over Poland. Despite the distance, what unites them is the passion to take pictures of street life using their smartphones. The group actively promotes mobile photography in Poland and abroad, hosts photo contests, exhibitions, photo walks and supports local photo initiatives and select Polish mobile photographers. The members of “Mobilni” are award-winning mobile photographers, with trophies from major mobile photography competitions like “Mobile Photography Awards”, “IPPAwards” and winners of mobile photography contests organized by popular photo portals and blogs. The group is recognized for hosting photo exhibitions in Poznan (Old Brewery), Murowana Goslina (Palace Gallery), Wroclaw (Roman House), Krakow (Indalo Gallery), Kolo (Community Centre) and Bielsko-Biala (Gallery B&B).

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  1. Thank you Michal and the rest of the team for putting this together! It's a huge honor to be featured in an exhibition like this :)


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