Oct 8, 2014

#Hairgate - Is This the Latest iPhone 6 Issue?

You may have heard of #Bendgate - the issue of iPhone 6 Pluses bending. Apple was quick to dismiss this explaining that the event is rare. I guess you could bend just about anything if you apply enough pressure.

The latest discussion revolves around the issue of the seam of the new iPhone 6 snagging and pulling out hair. It's been called #Hairgate and #Beardgate. I just call it Ouch!! I actually put my iPhone 6 up to my ear and ran it over my hair and sure enough on the first swipe, it pulled out not one but several hairs! This isn't a huge deal, but I would have thought with Apple's attention to detail this wouldn't be happening. Maybe all of the beta testers were bald and beardless. Luckily I purchased a case for my device which covers that pesky little seam, so I'm safe.


  1. Whew! It was a close one Bonny LOL!!

  2. It can bend, and it can pull hair, but I would not trade my iPhone for any other phone! :-)

  3. I agree Lisa - It was almost a humorous post - if a few missing hairs are my biggest problem in life, than I live a pretty charmed existence!


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