Oct 21, 2014

Call for Entries: Mobile Photographic Creation

From the Website:

The International Symposium Mobile Creation and blog Lanterns have joined forces to launch a call for applications around the mobile photographic creation

Mobile Design is a group of university researchers from laboratory IRCAV / Paris 3-Sorbonne Nouvelle this year focuses on the relationship to art terminals and services with mobile features (phones, smartphones, tablets). 

The symposium and Mobile Arts will be held on 4 and 5 December at the National Institute of Art History (INHA). Landmark of research on the history of art and heritage, near the Louvre, INHA will host in parallel during the two days of mobile photographic art curation.

Our goals?

1) Show that the artists have taken over the mobile, a new tool for artistic creativity and photographic.

2) To illustrate the diversity of mobile photographic art ranging from street photography to selfie, through architecture, black and white, to experimental approaches combining photography and digital painting.

3) Question photography via mobile creation in a prestigious location, the National Institute of the History of Art.

For details on how to enter, visit the website here


  1. The prospectus PDF is only in French - there is no link to the PDF in the English section on the web page. The prospectus says the minimum pixel dimensions are 700 px x 700 px. Just in case anyone was wondering :)


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