Sep 6, 2014

Square Jellyfish Smartphone Tripod Mount, Jelly Legs, Micro Ball Head and Flashlight Remote

Today I had an opportunity to "test drive" my latest iPhone accessories courtesy of Square Jellyfish who supplied me with some of their best-selling products:

Jelly Flashlight Remote (Retail $29.99)
Spring Tripod Mount & Jelly Legs with Micro Ball Head  (Set Retail $29.99)

The Spring Tripod Mount is pretty straightforward. You simply spread the brackets and insert your phone in place. It doesn't obstruct the view on your screen and can accommodate smartphones up to 3 5/8 inches wide. The Tripod Mount connects to the Jelly Legs Micro Tripod. The phone can be rotated in a horizontal or vertical position. For added flexibility you can insert the Micro Ball Head between the Tripod Mount and Jelly legs. The Micro ball head allows for slight angling of the phone. (You could also connect the mount to any standard tripod with a universal screw mount.) 

I wanted to try the tripod in combination with the remote. First thing you will need to do is pair the remote with your device. Out of the package it is ready to pair with an iOS device. Directions are included in the enclosed manual for use with an Android by changing the position of a small switch located under the battery.

To pair, first wake up your phone and go to Settings. CAUTION: There is a warning NEVER to wake-up your device using the remote. Make sure Bluetooth is ON.  Press the lower part of the oblong button on the Jelly Remote for about five seconds. A red light will flash which indicates it's ready to pair with your device. On your device, look for SJF-G14BR2 and Connect. Once connected, you're ready to shoot. There is no on or off button for the remote. It will automatically go to sleep after five minutes.  

To take a photo, simply open your camera app and then press the Camera button on your Jelly Remote. The remote will work with any camera app that allows the volume Up and Down buttons to be used as a camera trigger. I quickly checked through some of the apps on my iPhone and found the following were all supported:

Camera (Native iPhone Camera)
Camera Awesome
ProCamera 7
Taru Camera
HDR Fusion
Long Expo Photo 

The image below was taken outside using using the remote while I held the iPhone. I always seem to get a bit of camera shake when taking photos so I thought this would help.

I tested to see if the remote would really fire at 33 feet as claimed and was able to get a shot from 35 feet away. I'm not sure when I'll be taking a photo from that distance but it's nice to know the remote was reliable within that range. I also think this will come in handy for street photography I could hold my iPhone at the hip and use the remote to take the photos.

In addition to the remote function, there is also a flashlight which can be turned on with the black and white jellyfish button. This can be used to light your subject in lower light conditions. It is a yellow LED light so it did add a slightly yellow tint to the photo as shown below. The remote can be kept in a pocket, purse or even attached to your keychain.

Due to the fact that the legs on the mini tripod are short (for purposes of being compact and portable), you can't tilt the iPhone down more than about 15 or 20 degrees or the weight of the iPhone will tip the tripod over. There is a Jelly Long Legs available with longer legs that might solve this problem, but I didn't sample this product. For most purposes however the degree of tilt should be sufficient.

Portable, Easy to Use, Bluetooth range reliable to 35 feet, Lightweight, Keychain Attachment, Flashlight Included, Pivoting Ballhead, One-Year Limited Warranty.

The mini tripod cannot support tilt of device greater than about 15-20 degrees. Compared to similar remotes on Amazon the Square Jellyfish Flashlight Remote is quite a bit more expensive, however none of the others I viewed included a flashlight. 

It's a KEEPER! I will be using the remote and tripod so it will be a definite welcomed addition to my iPhone accessory bag. 


  1. I'll have to consider this. I'm needing a remote.

  2. I definitely like it and it's small enough to always have with me

  3. Thank you. I like the tripod and the remote too. 😊

  4. I think it would work well with what you do!


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