Sep 8, 2014

Mob Paint Monday - Featured Artist Allan Copson

The Work

Pull of the Moon © Allan Copson
Pull of the Moon © Allan Copson

The Artist - Allan Copson

Allan Copson
I reside just outside of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I have lived and worked in four countries and this week is special, because it's the week I retire! I have always enjoyed art, using oils, acrylic and pastels for my personal satisfaction.  

I got my first iPhone, a 3Gs, three years ago and soon discovered the fascinating world of iPhoneography. In those early days I shot and edited on the phone, but now use a 5s and edit on an iPad.

Like most enthusiasts in our community, I have downloaded and tested more apps than I care to think about, but in the end I use just a half dozen or so favorites, with a few more for occasional use. The app that I use in almost all of my images is Procreate, a very versatile and stable app. Others include Snapseed, Superimpose, Repix, Filterstorm, Stackables and Mextures.

Allan's Commentary on "Pull of the Moon"

The quotation is by William Shakespeare:
It is the very error of the moon,
She comes more near the earth than she was wont,

And makes men mad.

For this image I used Procreate and LensFlare. I saw this special character coming towards me so I pulled out my phone and waited until he came into focus. I knew he would make a great subject and decided to place him in a minimalist background, I do this quite often with my images.

I used Procreate cut and paste and applied him to a layer. I placed him exiting the photo to add a sense of mystery and form a compositional triangle between him, the Horizon and moon.

I applied several gradients with a gradient brush (can be downloaded from procreate brush forums) for the land and sky. I applied the moon in LensFlare. I painted in a small area of his red jacket that was hidden by another pedestrian. I added a shadow to ground him, this is a duplicate of him, adjusted with blend modes and opacity and then positioned with the transform tool. Several textures added a tonal order to the image.

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