Sep 5, 2014

15-Second Tutorial

I've been doing some fifteen-second tutorials on Instagram. Here's the latest in the series demonstrating how I took an image and transformed it into painterly portrait.

Here's the original image as taken with the iPhone 5s. The only editing at this point was to crop it using Snapseed.

Opening the image into a square document in Sketch Club I then painted over the background using a soft textured brush. I selected a tan color from the existing background which complimented the scene.

The result was rather dull and flat looking. The next step was to take this image into Brushstroke where I used the F2 Frayed Painterly preset for the results below.

Back to Snapseed to Tune Image (Brightness, Ambiance, Contrast, Saturation, Shadows, Warmth). There is no set rule for this - you just have to judge for yourself how much to adjust each parameter. I also wanted to add a little vignette around the right edge so I used the Center Focus feature in Snapseed and centered it on the figure. When I decreased Outer Brightness, the vignette was exactly where I wanted it. 

For the final step I usually like to add a Texture (either one of my own or using a texture app). I used the "Coconut Crust" texture in Stackables at about 50% strength.

If you give this tutorial a try and post it to Instagram, please tag me on the image so I can have a look!

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  1. Geri, Thank you for sharing these 15 second tutorials. I absolutely love them. Please continue the series!

  2. You're welcome - I'll try to do more of these. They seem to be popular =)


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