Sep 21, 2014

iOS 8 Update - My Experience

iOS 8 First Impressions
I was going to wait to download iOS 8, but since I recently purchased the new iPhone 6, it was already installed. I don't know if it was a carrier issue, an iOS 8 issue or an iPhone 6 issue but when I first started using my new iPhone 6, I had a slew of voice mail messages that belonged to a different person. In fact, the phone was not even set up to my phone number, but I hadn't noticed it until I started playing the voice mail messages. Coincidentally the person's name was also Geri! One caller wished me a Happy Birthday for this coming birthday is in November. A quick trip back to the Verizon store and they fixed that issue by restarting the phone??? The store manager said some crazy things had been happening so he wasn't surprised.

With only a day of using iOS 8 on my new iPhone 6, here are some of the features I already like:

Double-clicking on the Home button now brings up a list of recent contacts which allows easy access for phone calls, messages and email.  

Battery hogging apps? Check Settings > General > Battery Usage. You'll can view the Battery Usage for the past 24 hours by app. 

When you dictate a message or email using the microphone you now get a real-time talk to type display so the text is shown as you speak rather than waiting until after you finish speaking to post the text. I found it to be more accurate as well.

Improved editing tools right from the Photos app including some new adjustments for Light, Color and B & W, a Straightening Tool and access to other editing apps without leaving the Photos app. I haven't figured out how the new cropping tool works. You can select your ratio like Square, 2:3, 5:7, but I haven't yet determined how to switch 2:3 to 3:2. Any help? Please leave in the comments.

Apple's Camera app now has a self-timer and the ability to tap to focus and then manually adjust exposure while shooting an image. Just slide your finger up and down near the yellow focus box on the screen. 

Delete a photo by mistake? Well, now there's a Recently Deleted Album that allows you to restore an image up to 30 days after deletion. Each image displays the number of days remaining before it is permanently deleted. 

If you have a favorite image in Photos, you can now tap the heart icon which adds that image to a Favorites Album. This helps when taking multiple similar shots to identify the one you like most. 

Predictive typing makes composing texts, comments and email a lot easier. Android users have had this for quite some time now, so it's nice to have finally have this added to iOS devices. Some people hate this feature and have disabled it in their settings but It's a timesaver, so I like it.

iPad Buggy!
On my iPad 4, iOS 8 has been a bit buggy...Here's what I'm finding:

iPad occasionally goes black and I can't manually restart it. I just have to wait about a minute and the screen returns.

Some apps are crashing while using and this has never been a problem before.

Sometimes tapping or sliding doesn't get an immediate response from the app - this varies and hasn't been a consistent problem for any particular app.

Due to the changes in the Camera Roll, there is a huge change with most of my editing apps. In some apps you cannot access All Photos, but instead only Recently Added photos. This limits your choice to photos taken only in the last 30 days. For many of us this is a problem because we keep images on our devices to edit at a later date, not necessarily falling within the 30 day limit. The work around for this is to add a photo you want to edit to an existing album or create a new one and then you will be able to access the image by opening that album within an app. Hopefully all app developers will be aware of this issue and update their apps accordingly.

Get Help with iOS 8 
If you have recently downloaded iOS 8 for your iPhone you may want to download Apple's free iPhone User Guide for iOS 8 available on iBooks. It includes a digitally formatted book with everything you need to know about the latest update. Learn about the latest features and how to use them. 

It contains 182 pages of basic information about iOS 8.

Have you updated? If so, what are your initial thoughts?


  1. I updated on my iPhone 5S but I lost 500 pics. πŸ˜­πŸ˜“

  2. Are you sure they're not still on the phone somewhere? That's horrible!

  3. Ithalu, your photos probably aren't gone. You must now look for them in a different place. This takes getting used to and whether or not one finds it workable will vary I'm sure. Instead of looking under the albums tab, look under photos at the bottom of the photos app. There they will be sorted by date. If all the apps you've used on a photo pass along the EXIF data, then all edits you did on a shot will be grouped together w ith the original photo. It's rather convenient, but it's a change that takes getting used to.
    Geri - on my iPad Air there is a little boxy icon on lower right corner of crop screen and I have no trouble toggling between different aspect ratio crops. Sorry still have 7 on my 5, but looking at iPhoto on it, there are three dots upper right corner when cropping, touching on those brings up same selection of aspect ratios. I have no trouble toggling between them after I've selected one. These new editing tools are iPhoto features that are now in Photos App instead and anyone using iPhoto in 7 must now accept their photos being migrated to 8 upon installation as iPhoto is not supported in 8. It won't work anymore.
    I had trouble with an iPhone 5 refurbishment obtained via Apple Care warranty last week. Took 2 hours on phone with Verizon to get it to initialize. Interesting you had similar issue. I was told it happens sometimes. This was before sale of 6 on September 13.
    If you have any questions I may be able to answer about how 8 functions, feel free to email me.

  4. Hi Susan - thanks for helping out ithalu - I don't think the images are lost either, it's just that Recent Photos only shows the last 30 days.

    As far as cropping. I can crop but if I can to change from a ratio from 5x7 to 7x5 you can't do that. At least I'm not figuring out how to do it. I have options for Original, Square, 2:3, 3:5, 3:4, 4:5, 5:7 and 9:16, but I would also like to have 3:2, 5:3, 4:3, 7:5 and 16:19 like I had on iOS7. Hope I'm being clear with what it is I'm looking for.

  5. I have so many apps I love on my 3gen iPad, that I don't trust Apple to let them work properly on iOS 8. Also...the processor my iPad has will probably not be fast enough to keep up with iOS 8. So for the time being I will stay with 7.1. We will see if Santa Claus is generous with me in Oct 21 with the new iPad 's.

  6. Hi Carlos - =) I don't blame you. My grandmother used to say "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." I am kind of concerned because I got a new iPhone 6 and backed up from my old iPhone and now I'm getting charged when I try to download some of the in-app purchases I've already paid for! Bummer!

  7. I love my iPad the way it's set up right now. Not changing a thing.

  8. I need to adopt your attitude of being content with the status quo. I'm always thinking there's something better out there. I know they're coming out with a new iPad later this year and I'm afraid to watch the promo LOL!

  9. Love the review Geri! My iPhone 6+ isn't going to be here until the end of October, sadly. I had so many problems with IOS 7 when it first came out, I am going to wait till the new phone arrives and then update the IOS on the new phone and my iPad - hopefully some of the bugs will be worked out by then...

  10. Hi Bobbi - Definitely hold off on the update on your iPad. It really is buggy and my iPad repeatedly has completely shut down.

  11. Thank you Susan Dale and Gery I find all my pictures. πŸ˜ŠπŸ™

  12. Is it
    possible this is device dependent, Geri? On my iPad Air I have the following crop ratio options:
    • Original
    • Square
    • 3:2
    • 5:3
    • 4:3
    • 5:4
    • 7:5
    • 16x9
    In this article I see the aspect ratios you are describing.

    So I'm surmising this article describes the situation for the iPhone. What is it showing on your iPad? I also discovered an "auto" option when cropping on my iPad, which straightened my photo correctly for the vertical line that appeared in it. On other photos, with no lines to correct, it did a rather nice crop. Intelligent edit, who'da thunk it? I'll be interested to hear about your experience with it.

  13. So glad, Ithalu! I still see all my photos when I plug my iPad into my PC, so they're definitely not gone. Now if apps start letting us see All Photos album, as you pointed out Geri, then we can edit or post our photos as before. I'm writing developers when I find their app is pointed at the wrong albums/views/folders/collections, in my opinion anyway - FWIW. Being responsive earns them kudos in the App Store in my book.

  14. Yes, I'm sure they're all working feverishly and the ones that aren't well, their apps may soon be deleted from my devices!

  15. I don't think you're understanding my question. Maybe I'll do a video post about it and see if anyone can figure out how to use the crop tool. I have those same selections to, but sometimes you want a 3:2 to be a portrait orientation and sometimes a landscape orientation.


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