Sep 3, 2014

Featured Mobile Artist - Mohammad Mahdi Azimi

We may be worlds apart and not even speak the same native language, but the beauty of photography is that it doesn't have a language barrier. I'm happy to present this interview with mobile photographer Mohammad Mahdi Azimi. If only the whole world could get along as well as the mobile photography community! I'd also like to congratulation Mohammad on his recent image selected for Pocket Vistas

What is your name and where do you live?
MMA:  My name is Mohammad Mahdi Azimi. I am from Iran, and I live in Qom. (a city 130 kilometers from capital city of Tehran).

How did you get started in mobile photography? What device do you use?
MMA:  My very first experience with a camera goes back to when I was only 4. In those days my father had an old Canon camera that he used to take photos. I remember my dad let me take photos of my family with it just for fun. After that, I started taking photos with "Zenit" analog camera but not professionally, just to record a memory. Later on, when I got interested in graphic design, I used a Canon S5IX. After that I experienced photography with a Sony Ericson mobile K­510 -  this goes back to about five years ago. As you know, mobile cameras five years ago were not as good as the ones we have today. I started professional photography with mobile using Galaxy S4 and currently use a Galaxy S5.

© Mohammad Mahdi Azimi
© Mohammad Mahdi Azimi
Do you have a traditional photography or art background?
MMA:  I have been working professionally in graphic design for more than 10 years. I have never had any academic education in the art field. My older brother "Mehdi" had a significant role in introducing me to graphics in my journey. About two and half year ago I got interested in designing mobile and in fact I was able to design plenty of concepts.

After buying the Galaxy S4, a new world of photography opened for me, and I couldn't believe that I could actually take good photos with a mobile device. At first, I used to put my pictures on "Instagram" but later on I made the "Samsung Shot" website where I’ve shown most of my works and then I made my official website. I have been photographing with mobile more than one year now.

© Mohammad Mahdi Azimi
Pocket Vistas Selection - World Roof
Who or what inspires you? 
MMA:  I'm so inspired by my subjects when I'm working. I get a lot of messages from them as I pay close attention to them. When I find a good subject, I try to look at it from different aspects, and I try to save that into my shots for the viewers. I set a final edited picture in my mind when I am taking a photo.

© Mohammad Mahdi Azimi
Lonely Camel
You have many black and white street photos in your Instagram gallery - is this your preferred style? 
MMA:  Yes, I love black and white photography. But, when I want to impact a real message to my viewer I use colorful photography. When I want to transfer a social problem to others, such as poverty, I use black and white photography. This can show the sorrow and problems in the face of subjects in the photos more profoundly. Black and white has a bigger impact for showing these social situations. I think black and white images have more of a message to say and it allows the viewer to exercise more of his imagination about the photo. Actually, black and white photography is a difficult task, because you have to transfer your idea just by using two colors: black and white.

© Mohammad Mahdi Azimi
© Mohammad Mahdi Azimi
Do you do a lot of editing of your photos? If so, are there apps that you prefer?
MMA:  I work on some of my photos by Photoshop software and others by special mobile applications, and this of course depends on what message I’m going to transfer to my viewers. I use different applications on my works, for example Snapseed to begin.  I am also interested in Tiny Planet FX and Pixlr Express. 

What photo are you most proud of and why?
MMA:  One day, when I was walking along the street to shoot some photos, I came across an old barber standing in his shop's doorway, I asked his permission to take a photo of him. When I finished, he and his friend thanked me and wished me the best. The two gentlemen were old and they were quite moved and very happy that I took their photo - they felt they had not been forgotten by society just because they were old. I was very pleased to see that I could make them happy and this picture means a lot to me.

© Mohammad Mahdi Azimi
Two Friends
Congratulations on two of your images being chosen for the 1st Quarter Android Photography Awards. How do you decide what photos to enter into a competition?
MMA:  I express my great thanks. It usually takes me between one to two months to edit a photo. Actually I don't like to choose and edit a photo hastily. I usually edit my photos many times to get the best result. Sometimes I have to edit a photo more than 10 times to get the outcome I want. I don’t rush in choosing my photos. I ask the opinion of others who usually help me to choose the best photos as well as the best edition .

© Mohammad Mahdi Azimi
Child Compote
© Mohammad Mahdi Azimi
The Collapse
Have you ever exhibited or sold your work? If not, any plans to do so?
MMA:  To answer to this question, I should say, no. I have never had any exhibition so far, but I have sent my photos to some famous galleries and hope they verify them, so that I can hold an exhibition for my mobile photos there.

© Mohammad Mahdi Azimi
Hot Pepper Cigarette
© Mohammad Mahdi Azimi
Traveling to Absurdity
Is there anything else you'd like to add?
MMA:  I am fond of mobile photography. Nowadays, mobile cameras have developed greatly, and this lets you take good photos with them. I would like to change people's views toward photography with mobile. I think people need to be introduced and trained to take professional photos using their mobiles.

One of my desires is to find the support to help me take photos from nature, monuments and different cultures all over the world.

© Mohammad Mahdi Azimi
World War II
Find Mohammad:  Website / Samsung Shot / Instagram / EyeEm / Twitter / Mobile Concept 

Apps Mentioned:
Tiny Planet FX
Pixlr Express

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  1. Really enjoyed reading this, and I love the images you chose - diverse and fabulous.

    I'm drawn to your portraits. 'Hungry' in particular!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Oh and congrats on the Pocket Vistas! :)


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