Sep 24, 2014

Just Released Vhoto App Finds Images Inside Your Videos

Did you know you can find amazing photos hidden inside your videos?

Vhoto selects the best photos from your video and presents them to you to share and enjoy. Apparently Vhoto has a "brain" too because it uses machine learning to start recognizing the types of photos you like saving. Although the press release states that it saves the photos in hi-res, I found it saved an image at 720 x 1280 pixels which is far less than a standard photo shot with an iPhone - 3264 x 2448 pixels. When you upload a video from your saved videos it takes a while for Vhoto to find the images, but when I shot a video with the Vhoto app, it happened almost instantly, but the app will only allow you to take a 20-second video. 

From a video my son sent me it selected several still shots:

Of course any still shots selected will only be as clear as the original video. In this case the video was a bit blurry so the images saved look like the one below. If you don't like the particular images captured by the app, you can also flip through frame by frame to select an image.

Here's more about Vhoto from their official press release.


Vhoto for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch (free)


Shoot a video (or choose one you already have) and Vhoto quickly gets to work, presenting you with a selection of high-res photos of the best moments that can be saved or shared. Vhoto also creates short video highlights or ‘Clips’ so you can easily share the most important part of your video. Vhoto is intelligent, understanding what pictures you like and helping find the best ones for you. It’s perfect for selfies, group shots, action, the kids or your pets. We help you make sure you never miss a moment in time that you can’t get back.

  • EVER MISSED THE PERFECT SHOT? – We’ve all been at a party, a wedding, a sporting event or with the family when we wish we’d taken a photo a few seconds before or after the one we actually got. Vhoto lets you video the action and then select that perfect shot afterwards. You can even use the ‘Time Shift’ feature to move your shot backwards or forwards in time for perfect fine-tuning.
  • HIGH-RESOLUTION – The pictures Vhoto will give you are going to be great quality and if you’ve got an iPhone 5 or later, it’ll give you stunning pictures in a resolution of up to 1080p.
  • SMART-CAMERA – You can use your own videos, but if you use our camera, Vhoto will do an even better job of zeroing in on your magic moments. We’ve even given you a night mode feature that lets you record in near darkness without a flash.  
  • ADD SOME EFFECTS – Perfect shot delivered. Now you can add some awesome filters and use the built-in editing tools to enhance the look. Vhoto has 7 different editing functions and 20 different filters to choose from.
  • VIDEO IS COVERED TOO – Don’t worry! With the ‘Clip’ feature, Vhoto selects up to 6 seconds from your video as a highlight – ideal for sharing great moments socially.

Seattle, WA – September 24, 2014 - Vhoto, the company that finds amazing photos through the power of video, announced today the availability of the app. Available to download on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch for free, Vhoto’s awesome technology scans your videos and uncovers the best photos that can be saved or shared. With Vhoto, you’ll never miss a moment. The app is ideal for selfies, action shots, the kids, sporting events, pets and group pictures - anything that is difficult to capture with a single photo.

Available today, Vhoto’s proprietary computer vision technology evaluates over 20 dimensions - including sharpness, contrast, faces, smiles, novelty and user intent - to quickly extract the best moments from video. Vhoto’s machine-learning technology analyzes a user’s choices and ensures that every time it processes a video, it gets smarter.

“We’ve learned a lot by processing more than a million iPhone videos from dedicated users since we soft launched in May. As a result, our app is fine-tuned to provide the best user experience possible,” said Noah Heller, Vhoto’s CEO. “Vhoto is now better, faster and the images we present to our users are of fantastic quality.”

Vhoto features include:

  • Best shot – super fast algorithm to find the best photo moments from your videos
  • High resolution - higher resolution on newer phones (1080p)
  • Time Shift - moves your shot backwards or forwards in time for fine tuning
  • Night mode - lets you record in near darkness without flash
  • Vhoto Clip - press and hold in edit view to automatically save a six second clip of your video
  • Filters - more than 20 to choose from
  • Editing - tools that let you adjust sharpness, brightness and saturation
  • Discover - see images that are taken locally or around the world

With Vhoto, you can easily take a video using the Vhoto camera app or choose a video from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch’s library. Vhoto’s proprietary technology automatically finds amazing photos hidden inside your video. Then you can save or share your favorite photos on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - or with the Vhoto community.

The Vhoto App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is available for free exclusively in the App Store worldwide. For more information about Vhoto, please visit


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