Aug 11, 2014

Mob Paint Monday - Featured Artist Brent Mosley aka "Sleekmaus"

The Work

Set Your Mind Ablaze © Brent Mosley "Sleekmaus"
Set Your Mind Ablaze © Brent Mosley "Sleekmaus"
The Artist - Brent Mosley
© Brent Mosley
Sleekmaus (Brent Mosley) – Photographic DJ – one who mixes and blends images much like a DJ mixes music. Always having been interested in sharing the surreal beauty with others through art and digital manipulation, I began doing this via a mobile device a little over 3 years ago with the vast array of apps on the iPhone. Using the device to creatively weave and mix images with the latest apps to deliver images that are truly out of this world.

Brent's Commentary
We are each capable of so much more than we currently believe. 'Set Your Mind Ablaze' is a reminder that creativity and thinking outside of what is normal or "The Box", if you will, is for everyone. We can all do something that has never been done. People do this everyday and if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish things thought far beyond your reach. So pick up that camera; shoot a picture, write a poem, a story, or a song. Learn something new, create something from nothing, make believe again because you never know where the rabbit hole will lead you. You have nothing to lose but regret, so let the sparks fly. Illuminate the world. 

Apps used: 

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  1. Thank you Geri for the feature. This turned out great.

  2. I just sent you the link, but I see you are one step ahead of me! Thanks again Brent! It does look great - I love how it really pops off the page!


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