Aug 20, 2014

Featured Mobile Artist - Pasi Räihä

Time for another featured mobile photographer - I hope when you're done reading about Pasi's work, you'll visit the Artist Gallery to read more about other talented artists featured in the past.

© Pasi Räihä
What is your name and where do you live?
PR:  My name is Pasi Räihä and I live in Helsinki, Finland.

How did you get started in mobile photography? What device do you use?
PR:  I bought my first iPhone in 2008 in the time when it was illegal in Finland. Well, it surely felt like that. Nokia phones were a religion in Finland those days. For me the Nokia sucked so I bought the iPhone and it really blew my mind. I almost immediately started experimenting with different types of apps, art forms and techniques. Currently I'm shooting with my third iPhone.

© Pasi Räihä
© Pasi Räihä
"I see when men love women. They give them but a little of their lives. But women when they love give everything". Oscar Wilde

Do you have a traditional photography or art background?
PR:  I have always been quite artistic in my nature. I got my first plastic camera when I was 5. I started shooting my own videos early 1980's. I made music mixes and mashups in 1984.

Since then I have quite naturally grown into experimenting with different type of art forms. It hasn't always been easy. My father wanted me to become something more conservative. The school was hell, lots of bullying. I lived in Järvenpää, the town of Jean Sibelius and many famous Finnish painters had their history in the area, but still the town had the second highest youth crime numbers in Finland during those days. So I decided to grow my own way without studying. I painted graffiti, composed my own music, started a rave-party movement in a small city of Mikkeli. I found myself working for media as a radio host, producer, sound designer, journalist. At the very moment I work in an advertising agency as a creative. So I have always wanted to create my own art and now I can, more than ever before.

© Pasi Räihä
Hot Summer Night
© Pasi Räihä
Music to watch the girls go by
Who or what inspires you?
PR:  The most inspiring thing for me are the people. I hope it doesn't sound lame. The people who are into Instagram, the people using Pinterest, the Vine-fanatics and the people I see all around me. They are full of stories that I want to collect and treasure. And of course my loving family.

© Pasi Räihä
Drama Woman Walking
© Pasi Räihä
Ghost of Bollywood
There is a beautiful woman that appears in many of your photos. Are you related?
PR:  She's my partner in life, my muse, mother of my child and Instagramer herself (@kaprinski). Follow her!

© Pasi Räihä
© Pasi Räihä
Now the Light

You feature many subjects in your Instagram gallery - street photography, painterly images, portraits. Is there a subject you prefer?
PR:  They are all dear to me. Maybe one could say I prefer people and nature colliding in a magical light. 

Do you have some tips for taking good candid street photos?
PR:  Yes I do! There's one when Kaprinski and I are kissing but I'm shooting pics with one eye open. And other when I'm pushing my child in a stroller and everyone's looking at her instead of my phone, just to mention a few. 

© Pasi Räihä
© Pasi Räihä
Happy Accident with Hipstamatic Double Exposure
© Pasi Räihä
What are your favorite apps for editing?
PR:  Snapseed, Mextures, Faded, Stackables, Image Blender and Repix are my favorites at the moment.

Do you edit on a phone or a tablet?
PR:  99.9% with my phone.

© Pasi Räihä
La Mer
© Pasi Räihä

Is this just a hobby or do you hope to exhibit or sell your work?
PR:  I would love to have an exhibition and sell my work! Actually I have been asked many times during the years to do them both. For some reason I haven't been curious enough to make this happen...Yet.

© Pasi Räihä
© Pasi Räihä
Is there anything else you'd like to add?
PR:  I'd like to thank all social media services. Instagram, Flickr, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook... All of them allow people to give me very important feedback. So I know what people have liked and it strives me to push even further the next time. I'm truly grateful for all of the likes and comments and I feel bad about not being able to answer them all.

© Pasi Räihä
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  1. Thank you so much Geri for this great opportunity to share my thoughts with likeminded people. I feel totally flattered to be interviewed by you. I love your blog. It's so inspirational and uplifting to see all these talents. And thank you for sharing the knowledge about apps and techniques. All great!

  2. I wish I could host a big party and invite all of the photographers I've featured here at Art of Mob. I would love to meet you all - you inspire and motivate me. Thank you for letting me share your work. My regards to the beautiful @kaprinski too!


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