Aug 13, 2014

Featured Mobile Artist - Natali Prosvetova

Continuing on with the featured photographer series, here is my most recent interview with the talented and beautiful Natali Prosvetova.

© Natali Prosvetova
What is your name and where do you live?
NP:  Hi! My name is Natali Prosvetova aka NaProsvet. I was born and currently live in Moscow, Russia. 

How did you get started in mobile photography? What device do you use? Do you have a traditional photography or art background?

NP:  Being creatively inclined, I chose acting as a profession. Not surprisingly, photography has become one of my biggest passions. However, I don’t paint beautiful pictures and I’ve never studied fine arts or photography. I started shooting photos with my iPhone 2 in 2009 and I looked into traditional photography immediately after I discovered the fascinating world of iPhoneography. But, finally, I realized that, "Tomato and cucumber both are vegetables, but tomatoes are tomatoes and cucumbers are cucumbers, and I prefer just one of the two" 

Well, in 2009 I was at a point in my life where I felt the need to look for happiness in small things and I began taking photos of things around me, which made my inner world. It started off as something that I did to kill time and it became a creative outlet. It was addictive and finally, it almost changed my life. 

Currently I use the iPhone 5S and process my pics on an iPad.

Sentinels  © Natali Prosvetova
Don't be silent! © Natali Prosvetova
Don't be silent!
Who or what inspires you? The human form seems to be your favorite subject. How has your style evolved?

NP:  In fact, I'm too curious. Some of my friends call me like a "Curious Ginger". I am curious about almost everything in photography and I am not afraid to experiment in this field. I attempt to find myself in something new, as well as I try to find or give new form to something ordinary. 

© Natali Prosvetova
"God has given  you one face and you make yourself another" W. Shakespeare
Perhaps this is corny, but I was always inspired by everything that surrounds me. I feel I am one of the truly happiest people, who is surrounded by unusual, awesome and inspiring things, stories and, surely, people. 

© Natali Prosvetova
Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing
I cannot always express all my thoughts and feelings with words, but with my art I can say so many to different people in one language, which everyone can understand! So, thoughtfully following my art, one can find out so much more about me.

While, some things fascinate me as well, most of my works are based on the human form and portraits (as well as lots of self-portraits, created in a manner of selfishness via self-irony) and, at the same time, another part of my art are an eclectic mix of avant-garde and surreal collages. 

From the other side, there are some directions that do not interest me at all or to a much lesser degree...I mean landscapes and animal pics. Honestly, it is not my element or passion. I do prefer to feast my eyes on landscape photos of other people. There are some really talented and strong photographers, who have the highest skills in this direction and their works are really cool! 

The Icon © Natali Prosvetova
The Icon
© Natali Prosvetova
This is the life I live. And that's just the half of it. 
There is a young girl in many of your photos. Is this your daughter? Do you have any advice for photographing children?
No, actually, this girl is one of my favorites and a great subject for shooting. I would not say that children are attractive to me in my work in general. I find it a pretty complex process, requiring serious psychological knowledge. However, I loved this girl, whose name is Nicky, with the first sight. This is my sweet niece - she is 11.

© Natali Prosvetova
Don't Call Me Angel
I must confess that for a long time I was unhappy with my photos with Nicky. As a child she was often foolish, making funny faces, or she tried to play the role of an adult woman I thought it looked vulgar and not attractive. That is what I did not like.

One day I was fortunate to be shooting with a Russian director, who is one of the best in working with children. (in the movie industry, which is my main profession). I chatted with him, asked a lot of questions and watched him in process, and finally, I made a lot of conclusions and finally I’ve discovered my own tricks in working with children. Since then my shooting with Nicky is a great fun, filled with the new discoveries and positive emotions. 

© Natali Prosvetova
Girl Without Peaches
Honestly, I am really pushy and demanding during the shooting process. Nicky admits that she gets tired after an hour of shooting as much as if she has had a 3-hour sport training. Despite all of this, she loves our shooting processes and always looks forward to viewing the final results. I find it difficult to give specific advice that would work for everyone, since each model needs its own key and method. 

Puzzle Thoughts © Natali Prosvetova
Puzzle Thoughts
Too Late to Hide © Natali Prosvetova
Too Late to Hide
What are your favorite apps for editing?
NP:  As I said earlier, I am really curious, so, I always try to keep abreast, however this is not always possible, due to lack of time. While, my favorite applications may vary from time to time, there are some of them to which I am going back to again and again. Well, let's start at the beginning:

Snapseed (must have for starting)

I use them randomly.

Requiem  © Natali Prosvetova
Argentine Tango © Natali Prosvetova
Argentine Tango
Catch One's Breath © Natali Prosvetova
Catch One's Breath
Do you sell your work? If so where?
NP:  Yes I do, and I sell my works via Moscow gallery, "Gallery G8" where I am a resident artist. Much of my work is sold through word of mouth. I have tried to sell some of my works via several other portals working for percentage of sales, but up to this moment have not had much success this way. Since my main profession is acting, I focus mainly on this. My photography is done on a freelance basis - the key word is FREEDOM!  

Just One Look © Natali Prosvetova
Just One Look

Captive of Time © Natali Prosvetova
Captive of Time
Is there anything else you'd like to add?
NP:  I would like to take the opportunity of thanking you, Geri! It has been an honor and a wonderful journey to share a bit more of my real life with you! As well as a huge thank you, Geri, for all you doing, for your hard work, which deserve much credit and respect!

Lef you go, my sweetheart © Natali Prosvetova
Lef you go, my sweetheart


  1. Great interview! I've been a fan of Natali and her work for sometime now so I truly enjoyed this article. Such a fascinating artist!!

  2. It was a joy working with Natali - seems she is just as beautiful in spirit as she is on the outside!

  3. really enjoy reading this interview. "Don't be silent!" is one of my favorite images. I can't recall if that image was part of a larger series, but what I do remember is thinking to myself "wow", Natal really has something going on here. I've really enjoyed following Natali and seeing her wonderful creativity all these years.

  4. Saw this on FB and responded there - thanks Petyr!


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