Aug 26, 2014

Create Time Lapse Videos with Hyperlapse from Instagram

Instagram just released a new app, Hyperlapse from Instagram that lets you create time lapse videos easily without a tripod or any expensive equipment. I can't wait to take this hiking with me and see how it all turns out. There are all sorts of possibilities. I'll be at a wedding next month too and would love to shoot some footage there as well. The hyperlapse can be adjusted to 1x, 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x, 10x and 12x. There is automatic stabilizations that works well to prevent bumpiness in the video.


* Shoot handheld time lapse videos in motion— while you're walking, running, jumping or falling.
* Smooth out your video for cinematic quality with automatic stabilization. 
* Speed up your hyperlapse to be up to 12 times the speed.
* Share your videos seamlessly on Instagram and Facebook or save them to your camera roll to share anywhere, anytime.
* Start filming immediately with a simple design that gets out of the way of your creativity
* Download and start capturing. No sign up or account required.

Here's a video which shows the app in action - Instagram has a winner here!

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