Aug 23, 2014

Comparing My Lenses - SquidCam, Olloclip, Moment

Besides being an app addict, I'm also an iPhone accessory addict. Hmmm....I own the Original Olloclip 3 in 1 ($49.99) and Telephoto/Polarizing Lens ($99.99), SquidCam 4 in 1 ($64.95) (generously provided by creator Charles!), iBlazr ($49.99 - honestly, I have never used this!), Hi Lo Lens ($69.95 great concept but I don't like the way it attaches to the iPhone), Anker Battery Charger ($36.99 - I have only used this when travelling - works great!), GorillaPod ($29.95 - thank you JOBY - love this!). I'm still waiting for COVR Photo ($55 - to do all my stealth street photography!) 

Olloclip vs SquidCam vs Moment Lenses

I have been wanting to do this comparison since my Moment lenses arrived. After seeing the recent post by Tina at Combo Apps, I decided to do a quick comparison with the lenses I own.

First I tried the macro lenses - I used the 10x Olloclip, 10x SquidCam and homemade $1.99 Macro Lens (make your own by following my tutorial here).

Olloclip 10x

SquidCam 10x

Homemade $1.99 Macro Lens
Of course the homemade lens doesn't deliver a high quality, but if you only have a few bucks to spare, it can produce adequate results. It looks like the SquidCam reproduced more true to life color than the Olloclip, but I'm satisfied with both and can easily do color correction using one of many apps. The color was off for the homemade lens mainly because it was shot about an hour after the first two photos and the lighting had changed.

Next up is the Fisheye - I tried Olloclip and SquidCam.

Olloclip Fisheye

SquidCam Fisheye
Both Olloclip and SquidCam had some blurring around the edges, but again, for me there isn't a huge difference.

For the Wide Angle I had three to compare - Olloclip, SquidCam and the brand new Moment Lens. First, I shot the scene using only the iPhone camera. Excuse the crooked horizon - all images are unedited except to resize for posting here.

Without Wide Angle

Olloclip Wide Angle

SquidCam Wide Angle

Moment Lens Wide Angle
Hands down the winner here is Moment Lens - look at the lack of distortion and blurring near the edges. Both Olloclip and SquidCam don't hit the mark when it comes to wide angle. SquidCam also darkens the corners quite a bit. To be fair, SquidCam and Olloclip may work better shooting a landscape shot, where there would be less distortion since the subject would be much farther away.

And finally I compared the tele lens of both the Olloclip and Moment Lens. First I shot an image of a bottle with no lens. I could crop this to zoom in, but I would lose some of the image size.

Normal Shot - No Special Lens
To retain image size, I can move closer with my iPhone but notice the distortion that occurs. The upper part of the bottle is wider than the bottom.

Moving in to Zoom - No Special Lens 
But with a tele lens you can zoom in without moving closer so you don't get the distortion but you still retain the image size. 

Olloclip Tele Lens

Moment Tele Lens
I prefer the Moment Lens shot for the Tele experiment. I don't know the "whys" of it all, but the Moment Lens delivers a better color quality and sharper image. What do you think?

I also shot images of my husband, Paul to compare a portrait with and without a tele lens. Notice how distorted his face is when I move in with the camera for a close-up. The image on the right, shot with the Moment Tele lens shows a much more natural proportion to his face. Paul and I both agree the photo on the left is "scary"! For this test I only had the Moment tele lens with me, so I was unable to do a side-by-side comparison with the Olloclip. 

Left - Moving in for a Close-up
Right - Using the Moment Tele Lens
The results of this experiment are that I prefer the Moment Lens over my Olloclip. The Moment Lens requires a special plate attached directly to the iPhone to attach the lenses, so an Olloclip and Moment Lens cannot be used on the same device. For these test shots I shot with the Olloclip and SquidCam first and then attached the plate to use the Moment Lens.

SquidCam is a good alternative that gives comparable results to the Olloclip. I like the SquidCam case which provides adequate protection for my iPhone and allows me to attach the lenses directly to the iPhone via the case. 

If you have more than one type of lens, I'd love to read your thoughts on which you prefer!

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  1. I only use squidcam but I think buying the olloclip macro set.

  2. I love your work with the SquidCam. I think it's definitely a great macro lens. You have gotten amazing results. Do you use a tripod when you shoot or is it just handheld?

  3. Thank you for your words. I don't use tripod. I just try to be as steady as I can be. 😊 I love your blog.

  4. The Moment Tele lens also left your background undistorted in the wine bottle shot. You've sold me, I've been wanting a tele lens and as soon as the iPhone 6 comes out I'll be getting a Moment. Thanks so much Geri. So far all I have is the original Olloclip and since I now have to use a Mophie case it's a pain to take it off and use the lenses.

  5. I didn't notice that, but you are right! The Moment lenses are really the highest quality and if I understood the creator yesterday correctly he will be developing a compatible case. I'm hoping the lenses will attach directly to the case so there won't be any need to attach the plate directly to my iPhone. Jack Hollingsworth highly recommends these lenses - He said he uses them for professional work.

  6. Thank you - You must have a steady hand! I really have a hard time holding my hand still!

  7. Hi Geri,
    no doubt that Moment tele lens wins this comparison. Have You any premonition - will they release a macro lens, too?

  8. Geri, great article as always. But the real question for me is this. Do you make wine?????


  9. I have heard rumors that a macro lens may be released but that doesn't come from any official source - that's my wish though!

  10. I wish! No, we found this wine online and decided to order it since it bears our last name. Paul's family is from Sicily where the Centonze winery is located. I wonder if they are related somehow. Someone from IG told me everyone in Sicily is related =)

  11. THis is great! Thanks for taking the time to do this Geri!

  12. You're welcome. I'm really loving the Moment Lenses and from what I understand they are working on a plate attachment for the iPhone 6 so if that's the case I'll upgrade my iPhone 5s to the 6 Plus

  13. These are great examples and comparisons! I just ordered myself the Moment Tele and I'm SUPER excited to get it. I CAN'T WAIT!!

  14. Great news John! The tele is really a great lens. Give it a try for portraits! I love using it for that purpose.

  15. I appreciate that you took the time to make this comparison. I'm here because I'm noticing some blurring in the bottom left corner of my Ölloclip telephoto lens and I'm not happy with it. The distortion in the Ölloclip wide angle lens has been something that I've been living with. I'm going to look into the Moment lens system. Thanks.

  16. You're welcome Jonathan - You won't be disappointed in the Moment Lenses! They are excellent.

  17. By definition, a macro lens is one that can achieve 1:1 magnification and lower. Currently, the "macro" lenses on the market are really like close up diopter lenses for the phone. Considering, users need usable working distance, the diopter power of the attachment is limited. For example, the Olloclip 10x (old version) is about a 25mm focal length. So that's basically like sticking a 40 diopter close up lens on the phone (1 / 0.025).

    When you use a simple diopter lens design , you are prone to distortion, chromatic aberration and field curvature. An achromatic design can correct for color for the most part but the distortion remains in most cases. You do get a very sharp central image so that's why even the DIY macro lenses can take great photos.

    In designing the new moment macro we went for the following. No chromatic, flat field and little to no distortion. This was the same idea with the initial prime set (18 and 60).

    It's difficult to do a "multi-magnification" design and maintain our definition of image quality so we'll pick a line in the sand and go from there.

    I'd love to hear from folks with regard to your preferred magnification.

    Mike Thomas

  18. The bokeh of our Moment tele is also more pleasing than the Olloclip and iPro lens IMHO. While we can't control bokeh like we do in a custom cine lens, we can make it as pleasing as the phone allows.

  19. Hi Mike, Thanks for adding this info - I wish I had contacted you before I stopped blogging here. It would have been interesting to interview you for Art of Mob. I have a few more articles that I have to format but once they're posted, I'll be discontinuing here. I would suggest contacting Emil over at - perhaps the discussion could continue there and you could get feedback from users for their preferred magnification.

  20. I definitely love the squidcam and olloclip lens. I've been using these lenses for all my macro shots and I even get amazed by the results. If you do have time please do check out my instagram : chrisbelcina , I also created the hashtag #pureiphonemacro.

  21. hello that was a very good explanation with relevant pics :) Thanks

    I almost placed an order for olloclip falling for its design, but looking at the quality of wideangle pics, I'd rather go for moment lens! However, pls confirm if the same quality can be expected out of video recordings as well? I am planning to shoot a professional music video using iPhone 6 cam and hence looking for these lens. My last video was shot using a DSLR Nikon 3100.

    here is the link for the last video shot using DSLR:

    Can I expect atleast some of this quality when shot using Moment lens (ofcourse day light shoot and not night shoot). Through this video I wish to experiment using iphone 6 cam & moment wideangle lens.

    Last thing, is the moment lens mount nondetachable once stuck? Pls confirm

    If not, while removing it will it affect the metal back of the iPhone with scratches or marks? Thanks

  22. Hi - I haven't done any video shooting with the Moment Lens. I suggest you contact the creators of the lens for information on shooting with video. You can find them here.


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