Aug 1, 2014

Art of Mob Readers Get 20% Off Your Pixuru Order

I was thrilled to get an offer a few months ago to try Pixuru's (Pix-sue-roo) photo printing on wood. The image I chose was one of a fuschia flower. The results were better than I imagined - the image had a slightly warmer hue than the original and you could see a hint of the wood grain showing through the image. I love the results and decided to order four floral images in a matted/framed format. These too were of excellent quality and now proudly grace the walls of my home. 

I love that Pixuru has an automatic warning built-into the ordering process. I tried to select a larger size for my square floral images and it said the images weren't suitable for enlarging to that size, so I ordered 12"x12" matted/framed prints. The overall size is 19" x 19" which makes for a lovely grouping in my office. The frame is made out of real wood and there is a toothed hanger on the back for easy display on your wall. The glass over the print is actually acrylic.

© Geri Centonze
12"x12" framed/matted prints
I chose to display the fuschia on wood on a metal stand. I liked the rustic look of the stand which complimented the image. Each order comes meticulously packed and extremely well-protected. 

© Geri Centonze
12" x 12" Wood Print
Below is my interview with Pixuru.

Who started Pixuru and why?
CEO Adam Fried started Pixuru because of his love of taking pictures with his smartphone. There were plenty of editing apps and places to post your photos, but there wasn’t an app that turned images into high-quality wall art. People love displaying artwork and photography in their home or office, and with Pixuru they can show off their personal images.

What makes Pixuru different than other image printing companies?
We don’t print small paper prints like most photo printing apps. We are talking about professional quality wall art straight from your phone. (App Store, Google Play) You can instantly place an order directly from your smartphone with our easy ordering app, or you can order online.

Is Pixuru for smartphone photos only?
No smartphone? No problem! You can still order by uploading any photo from your computer using our online ordering system at

What is included in the Pixuru product line?
Pixuru has so many amazing products to offer you! Get your image printed on canvas, metal, wood, framed paper prints, iPad & iPhone cases, magnets, mugs, key chains, dog tags, t-shirts & tote bags.

Tell me more about the wood and metal prints - can they be used for any image or are they more suitable for certain types of images?
You can pick any image to print on our wood & metal prints but here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting your image:
- Metal prints have a white base coating, so metal will not show through your print. Metal is a wonderful medium to choose if your image is sharp and has vibrant color.
- As far as Wood prints, you will see the wood grain through your image. Any white in your image will be transparent and will show the beautiful wood grain and all prints will have a yellowish undertone.

What are your plans for the future? Are there any new products going to be added?
Pixuru is always expanding but right now we are concentrating on getting the word out and integrating our printing capabilities into more apps.

I've noticed Pixuru in several apps as a printing service. Who have you partnered with?
Clone Pix
Nerd Attack/ Sophie Cam
Cyborg Vision
RotoDoodle Pro
Clone Camera
Mak Apps

I see that you have weekly contests - please tell me more about those?
We love encouraging smartphone users and iphoneography enthusiasts to get out there and shoot! It’s inspirational to see what people photograph and what story they can tell with a photo. So, for a lot of the contests we run, we ask people to use a specific photo editing app, or we give them a subject to shoot and see what creative images they submit. We choose our favorite and reward them with a gift card to use with us.

Do you have a special discount you could offer my readers?
Sure! Here is a code for 20% off an order.

Disclaimer & Code:
Enter code PXRU20AOM in the Discount Field during checkout to receive 20% off your order. This code is one time use only. Offer may not be combined with any other discounts. Offer includes free ground shipping to the contiguous US only. Offer expires 9/22/14 at 11:59pm PST. If you have any questions, please contact Pixuru Support at

Is there anything else you'd like to add?
We guarantee to have the highest quality product in the industry, and the best part is that we ship all orders for FREE in the contiguous US.


  1. They seem expensive to me. I like the idea of printing on wood, but how would one get a wire on the back to enter into art shows? Glue it?

  2. There are holes drilled into the back for easy mounting on wall. The quality is beautiful and the printing on wood gives a very unique look. With free shipping I don't think it's too expensive.

  3. Geri, I am curious about what type of hanging hardware is on the black frames, and are the frames wood or plastic, and is glass included? Thanks!

  4. There is the standard toothed hanging hardware on the back of the frame at the top. The frames appear to be wood. It also appears that the protection over the matted print is acrylic which is probably safer for shipping, but I will write Pixuru and find out for sure.

  5. Suza - I just checked and they are real wood frames and acrylic for the "glass".

  6. Thanks, Geri. Do you think the 'wood' frame would hold little eye-bolts for stringing a wire? (Instead of the pesky toothed hanging thingie)

  7. but many art shows require work to be "wired", so I guess you would have to glue the wire to the back... which looks pretty messy

  8. Yes I definitely do - it's quite a substantial frame

  9. No, you could always screw in small eyes to the back of the frame and slip the wire through

  10. Awesome Geri. Im glad that you were finally able to connect with someone and get this interview. I use them for printing all of my images that I show.

  11. I use the wooden prints for all of my shows and as Geri suggested in the last comment I screw small eyelets in on the back to attach wire too.

  12. Thanks for all your help Brent and thanks for the info on the info on displaying for shows!


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