Jul 16, 2014

The Whole Story | Psych Ward by Kevin Harry

When I saw this photo in Kevin's Instagram gallery, I knew I had to have The Whole Story.
“Men have called me mad; but the question is not yet settled, whether madness is or is not the loftiest intelligence.” ― Edgar Allan Poe

The Photograph

Psych Ward © Kevin Harry
Psych Ward © Kevin Harry

The Whole Story by Kevin Harry

I love taking photos of people. My tastes in what I prefer to shoot runs the gamut from candid photo-journalistic style to improvised conceptual shots. This shot was the latter. Because I am involved with musical theatre as a performer, I often have access to willing subjects.

I was doing Annie the musical, and to bide the time backstage we were goofing off and taking pictures. Because Annie is such a happy family musical we naturally were trying to find a way to make it darker in tone.

Alyssa who played Pepper was sitting in the middle of the hallway relaxing. She did this weird neck roll, and boom instant photo shoot. Most of my pics are improvised on the fly kind of things. 

I had her centered in the middle of the hallway, had her tilt her head and got about eye level to her head. I love the leading lines in the shot. I did a quick tweak in Camera+ adjusting the tint and intensity. I think this took me all of 5 minutes to shoot and edit. I guess my style is fairly simplistic, I generally shoot with Camera+ and edit from there. 

The Photographer

Kevin Harry aka KreativeKevin lives in Atlanta, GA. By day he is a Corporate Trainer and moonlights as an Actor/Singer. His initial exposure to photography was using a simple point and click camera on occasion. 

It wasn't until he picked up an iPhone and realized what an effective camera it could be, that his interest in iPhoneography really took off.

The best camera to use is often the one you have on you. 3,000 photos later he is happy there are communities out there to view/share mobile work!

Find Kevin: Instagram / EyeEm / kreativekevin on Oggl / Flickr

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