Jul 14, 2014

Summer Haiku - A Tutorial by Kristen Radden

Kristen Radden was kind enough to say yes to my request to post one of her tutorials here at Art of Mob. Kristen can be normally be found sharing these on her own site, Creative iPhoneography

Today she takes us step by step through her creative process for this beautiful image, Summer Haiku.

Summer Haiku © Kristen Radden
Summer Haiku © Kristen Radden

The images used for this tutorial were shot with an iPhone 4 and the editing was done on an iPad mini.

This is a photo collage that includes several different images: 

  1. Background texture
  2. Foreground image of 2 girls walking
  3. Trees from the app ARTREE
Step 1

Create the background texture

© Kristen Radden
Step 1
Top left: Recycled an image from my Camera Roll - a photo of a flower processed in Waterlogue, a photo editing app that creates lovely watercolor images. 

Top right: Edit the Waterlogue image in Repix using Drips.

Bottom left: Use Brushstroke Abstract 3 for a softer effect. 

Bottom right: Apply Modern Grunge on the Brushstroke edit for a textured effect. 

Step 2

Extract the image of the girls from the background in the original photo.

© Kristen Radden

There are several different apps that will allow you to extract an object from a photo. I used Photoshop Touch. Use the Scribble Selection Tool to keep the parts you want and remove the unwanted parts of the photo. Extract the image of the two girls. I typically have to clean up the image a bit with the Eraser Tool. This is the most tedious part of the process. Paying attention to the details is important but don't make yourself crazy. As you can see, I've accidentally extracted out a circle from one girl's hair. Save the image to bring it into another app.

© Kristen Radden

Step 3

Create an ARTREE image and put all the collage pieces together. 

© Kristen Radden

Top row: 
  1. Create an image in ARTREE, a generative art app that draws trees. There are many choices for the branch, leaf and flower of the trees so you will be able to get many tree variations. Pause and save the image when you see a creation you like. 
  2. Create a space for the girls to walk -- use the Retouch feature in Handy Photo to take out a few tree branches. 
  3. Process the treescape in Painteresque, which gives a dreamy feeling.

Middle row: 
  1. Open Superimpose. Use the Painteresque edit for the background. Open the extracted image of the girls for the foreground. Use Masks function to drop the girls into the treescape. 
  2. Apply Brushstroke Simple 3 to soften the entire image and give it a painterly look.
  3. With Brushstroke, the trees had become too light, so I used this technique to make them darker: In MultiExpo app (Thanatos filter), merge the Brushstroke edit with the Painteresque tree image. 

Bottom row:
  1. Get your background texture.
  2. Merge the texture and the painterly treescape with the girls in MultiExpo (Tyche filter).
  3. Use LensFlare to add tiny specs to the image. 

Final image

© Kristen Radden

About Kristen
© Kristen Radden
I'm Kristen Radden, a creative explorer using the iPhone and iPad to make photographic art as a form of personal therapy. Creating through this medium provides an outlet for play, self-expression and self-reflection. I believe every photo is a self-portrait. My mobile photography is simply reflecting my soul's story at that moment in time. 

I began mobile photography in March 2013, quite by accident. At that time, I had no photography experience or even an interest in taking photos, and only 5 photos in my camera roll. I decided to try my hand at making digital collages on my iPad using old book illustrations. One day, it occurred to me that I could simply photograph my own images and that's when I discovered the world of mobile photography. My favorite subjects are objects and anything that appears old, forgotten, empty, alone, left behind, quiet, and imperfect.  

Find Kristen: 
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Apps Mentioned:
Adobe Photoshop Touch 
Handy Photo


  1. These tutorials are exactly what I need. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You're welcome Di. Check out Kristen's blog - she has loads of great tutorials there and posts more regularly!

  3. This was so beautifully done! I simply loved it. The tutorial and the final image. Thanks!

  4. Kristen is very creative - be sure to follow her blog for more tutorials like this.

  5. This is amazing! I am so inspired - thank you, both Kristen and Geri. :)

  6. An inspiring and clever tutorial. Can't wait to check out the apps she mentioned. Kristin's work has a fresh feeling!! Thanks for sharing it!!

  7. Kristen's work is so beautiful - I'm so happy you loved it!

  8. Yes, it's really fun to see how other people work isn't it! Be sure to check out her blog

  9. Did she take the photo of the girls walking too? or is it stock photography?

  10. As far as I know she took the image of the girls walking as well

  11. Thanks again Kristen - looks like you have inspired a number of people! I appreciate you taking the time to do this!


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