Jul 29, 2014

Mob Street Photographer - えんぞう Enzo

Here is the third installment featuring a photographer from the Mob Street Flickr Group. We are already growing and the work is beautiful. I learn from each photo that I view. Today I present a photo from Japan. The world has become so small with the advances in technology. I love that I can see street life in Japan without ever leaving my living room! 

“The Pictures are there, and you just take them” – Robert Capa

The Work

© えんぞう Enzo
© えんぞう Enzo

The Photographer - えんぞう Enzo

© えんぞう Enzo
I work in an advertising agency in Tokyo. The appearance of Instagram was an opportunity for me to make Mobile Photography into a hobby.  I have served as the representative of Instagrammers Japan (@IGersJP) since 2012. I published the iPhone photography book "Asagaya Residence" in Japan in 2013. I was awarded by Mobile Masters |  P R O O F | Contest in 2014.

(Geri's Note: I enlisted the aid of my high school friend and her father to help me translate the original Japanese. I wanted to give Enzo the chance to comment in his native language so he could fully express his ideas on mobile photography.)

Enzo's Commentary 

I am working on mobile photography with two major concepts which are photography of ordinary life while the other is more creative photography.

I think that the photos of ordinary life seen is the real meaning of mobile photography. My experience with photography started when Instagram was created. The iPhone 3Gs was the first camera I owned. I was so interested in Instagram that I bought and used many cameras and even took a professional photography course and obtained a certificate. I used an iPhone most of the time, because it fits in my palm.

If I had more leisure time, I would have used professional photography equipment, software and computer for processing and editing photos. Unfortunately, I am not a professional photographer, but an ordinary working person and head of a family. Without mobile photography, I would not be interested in photography. At the same time, my photography is inevitably limited to family photos on my days off. In general, my photos are not so called "cool", consequently my challenge is to take "cool" photos. My pictures are weekend shopping and leisure times seen.

My second concept of mobile photography is kind of "Dadaisme". I am creating photos with people, umbrella, silhouette or reflection in a magnificent scene and photos using the analog filtering technique.

The early devices of iPhoneography were poor quality when used as a camera and required creative techniques for photographing and processing to get good results. Since the creation of Instagram, various techniques have evolved. The word "iphoneographs" has been forgotten, while the quality of the "mobile photograph" has improved significantly. The benefits Instagram has brought are countless.

Instagram, however brought adverse effects with the supremacy being the quantity of social media responses in the form of "likes" and "followers". The photo quality has improved significantly with the remarkable improvement of devices and software (apps). Although we do intuitively judge the individual photos "cool" or "good" it is still important for self-examination and critique of our own work, so as not to be too influenced by likes and followers.

Find Enzo:  Website / Instagram / EyeEm / Flickr 

Special thanks to my friend Grace and her father for their translation - it gave me so much insight into Enzo's work. 

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