Jul 30, 2014

Eric Kim's FREE Online Course - Composition in Street Photography

Would you like an instructor to teach you more about composing the perfect street photo? Wouldn't it be nice if this instructor was a gifted street photographer and the lessons were free?! Well, we all have that opportunity by visiting Eric Kim's Street Photography Blog.

Eric offers a FREE course in composition featuring the following subjects.

Below is a Slideshare presentation that Eric has also made available to share. He uses it as an introduction to composition in street photography.


Eric also offers a complete FREE open source online street photography course entitled "All the World's a Stage: Introduction to Street Photography"

I hope that karma is kind to Eric and rewards him for his generosity to all of us!

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  1. Thank you, Geri, for this article! So much fantastic info crammed into it!

  2. You're welcome Denise! Glad you go something out of it.


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