Jun 10, 2014

What Does iOS 8 Offer the iPhone Photographer?

iOS 8 offers lots of new features, but what exactly is in store for those of us whose basic interest is iPhone photography? Here's what we have to look forward to with the release of iOS 8 this fall.

Photos Available on All Devices - With iOS 8, every photo and video will be on iCloud and available across all off your devices or on the web. This differs from Photostream which is either on or off and only allows a limited number of photos to be stored. With iCloud you get 5GB of free storage and purchased plans start at just $0.99 per month for 20GB and 200GB for $3.99/month. When you crop, straighten or enhance an image on one device, you'll see the changes on all your devices when using iCloud. But you can always revert back to your original photograph with nondestructive editing.

Find Your Photos - Search by date, time, location or album name right from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. 

Smart Editing Tools - Didn't get that photo just right? With the new editing tools which use detailed image analysis, you can adjust lighting, color and auto-straighten your photos. (Yosemite for Mac will also have an updated Photos experience coming early next year)

Apply Third-Party Filters from Photos - Now for the first time, developers will be able to allow their editing tools to be available right from the Photos app. This means less time importing to a third-party app! (I like this one!)

Camera's New Mode - Time-lapse videos - The Camera in iOS 8 will now have the capability of time-lapse video which has only been available until now through third-party apps.

Family Sharing - Got tons of photo apps you'd like to share with a family member on his or her device? With family sharing you can share with up to six family members who use the same credit card. Family Sharing also works with movies, music and books. But don't worry about your kids using your credit card to make a purchase - if they try to make a purchase, you get messaged on your device to ask your permission!

The biggest changes to iOS 8 will be for developers. Can't wait to see what the brilliant minds behind the apps we already love come up with now that they have this new access!

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  1. this was interesting and now I can't wait for iOS 8

  2. I am anxious for the new update, but it's a pity that excludes iPhone 4 and iPad 2. I can see soon my iPad 3 and my iPhone 5 becoming obsolete. I still have an iPhone 4 fully functional... But I'm anxious specially about the storage options (iCloud) will be so much more accessible...

  3. I guess the whole idea is for Apple to make their older devices obsolete. Sad but true. Or perhaps the older devices aren't capable of running the newer updates??

  4. Thanks! I'm happy you got something out of it.

  5. Probably the two options... But what can we do?! It's sad because many apps will stop working properly or not work at all. There are already apps there only work on 5S and don't work on my 5! Imagine in a 4 or 4S... And here in Brazil the price is terrible high. But we buy it anyway 😁.

  6. Yes it is a shame. So many people cannot buy a new phone each year!

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