Jun 24, 2014

Mob Street Photographer Paul "Skip" Brown | A Fisherman Not Hunter

To kick off the Mob Street Flickr Group, I'd like to feature a piece by Skip Brown. Just as I've done with the Mob Paint Flickr Group, I plan to alternate between showcase and artist features every other week. Monday is all about Mob Paint and Tuesday will be for the Mob Street Group. For a chance to be featured, just join the group and start submitting your street photos shot with a mobile device (limit one per week).

The Work

Walking in Shadows © Paul "Skip" Brown
Walking in Shadows © Paul "Skip" Brown

The Photographer

I am Paul (known as Skip to most), a mobile photographer from Lincoln, England. 

I believe mobile photography to be a very open and accessible community and will happily share processes and techniques. My style tends toward painterly achieved through composite techniques, blending elements from multiple images. The aim of the final image is to capture an atmosphere rather than a scene. I also enjoy straight out of the camera style candid street shots and most other genres. 

Skip's Commentary

'Walking in Shadows' is a straight out of camera Hipstamatic shot (Tinto Lens / AO BW Film). This image started as an exploration of the tree shadows on the building wall. I was therefore in position and composing my shot when the figure walked through the scene. This is my style. Finding a position with an aesthetic I enjoy and waiting for something to happen. When it comes to street photography, I liken myself to a fisherman rather than a hunter.

Almost all of my street photography is captured within walking distance of my home as this image was. As my city is small, my challenge is to capture something new from what for me can be mundane and repetitive scenes. Trying to see an area I've seen time and again as if I've never been before.

This particular image was exhibited locally and is particularly precious to me because during the exhibition I bumped into the subject (Jamie) who was able to visit the exhibition and see himself on the wall. After the exhibition closed the image was gifted to him as you would expect. An unexpected bonus for me but not the first time street photography has given me the opportunity to have a discussion with a stranger.

Find Skip:  

I write an article a week detailing the apps and processes around an image on my blog, Skipology. and links to my social media networks are there. Generally, I post a single image each day to Instagram where I can be found at Phoneograph or for those on Facebook, I share the same image there at Phoneographer.  

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  1. Thank you Geri. Honoured to be featured. Really kind. Your 2 groups - painterly and street suit my main styles really well I think. I'm more street scene with person / people rather than street portraiture.

  2. So happy to have you in the group Skip. Looking forward to seeing more!

  3. Fisherman: good analogy. Well caught, landed & cooked & presented.

  4. You're just too clever! Hugs


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