May 15, 2014

The Whole Story - Photo by Cadu Lemos

Although a picture is worth at least a thousand words, there are often times I see a photograph and want to know more. The Whole Story was started as a way to explore more about the story, the method, or the inspiration for capturing a particular moment.

The Photograph

© Cadu Lemos
© Cadu Lemos

The Whole Story by Cadu Lemos

This image was shot in a barbecue restaurant I used to go to in São PauloI got there on Saturday after a photo assignment out of town. I was shooting old trains and train stations in the country and this was a well-deserved stop to re-energize.

I saw that this gentleman was about to place his order, but he took longer than usual to decide, giving me some time to compose the shot. I thought he was really valuing his time and the place he was, trying hard to make a good choice, which he did as I would check later...I ordered the same.

What got me was the environment colors and decoration, all reminding me of a place I visited once in San Antonio, Texas. There is a mirror behind the gentleman that gives a larger perspective of the room. On the right, the cook can be seen close to a staircase and on the left side, in the mirror, my wife waiting patiently for me to stop clicking around. 

Later I worked a little more in contrast and brightness, ambiance and colors with Snapseed and a touch of a Pixlr Express vintage filter, uploading it to Instagram with the normal filter.

The Photographer

© Cadu Lemos
Born in 1962 in São Paulo raised in Brasilia, Cadu worked as a coach and consultant to high performance teams, using communication and experiential training as the main way for relationship and growing, and photography as a way to document and tell important stories. 

Began photography at age 15, by himself, mentored by Luis Humberto one of the greatest Brazilian photojournalists.

In 1979, at age 17 participated in a collective exhibition for the Brazilian Architecture Institute and was part of the photographic yearbook of that institution. After that, a career in advertising and marketing took him to other paths and he used photography as a storytelling and team building tool in his assignments. Cadu loves landscape and travel photography, which has taken him to Africa, Europe, North and Latin America, building a consistent body of fine art work that he sells to clients worldwide.

Cadu is the creator and founder of mObgraphia, a festival, gallery, award and magazine devoted to mobile photography in all its expressions.

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