May 5, 2014

Painterly Mobile Artist Michael Trombley

After learning more about Michael Trombley, today's highlighted painterly artist, I am pleased to hear that he allowed himself to take on a new love and create with the iPhone. His work is a beautiful addition to the Painterly Mobile Art Flickr Group!

The Work

The Bleeding Hearts © Michael Trombley
The Bleeding Hearts © Michael Trombley

The Artist

© Michael Trombley
I completed my photographic studies from Randolph Technical Institute in 1997, majoring in commercial photography. Trained in film photography, I spent my first internship in New York City with Joyce Tenneson and John Reuter at the 20x24 Polaroid Studio. I've always been a fan of alternative processes, either through film and or darkroom applications. I enjoy the one of a kind authenticity it provides and rendering properties similar to a painting.

As of recently I have become enthralled by the unique applications of iPhone art. It is the "point and shoot" camera of the modern age. I have to admit however, I remained quite reluctant for some time holding on to my love affair with film. The more I delve into it, I find more and more potentiality within the apps. Through my own creative processes, I'm attempting to resemble the integrity of film and properties of a painting. 

Michael's Commentary

Most of my flowers are arranged in a table top set-up, with one or two soft adjustable lights and a clean background. I find the neutral background provides a clean setting for alteration with the apps I choose to use. First, I always check and adjust exposure and contrast before I begin. Once I decide which apps I'm going to use, I'll bounce back and forth in Superimpose, adjusting the strength of the app used with the original photo, subtracting and adding for the desired effect. This technique provides details and sharpness and the soft subtle quality. Finally on this image I resorted to Procreate (my favorite new app) for the final smoothing and blending of colors.

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  1. I love it when traditional photographers back mobile photography. I completely agree with the statement that it is the point and shoot of the modern age. Thanks Michael and you too Geri!


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