May 26, 2014

layrs - An Enabler for the Age of Electronic Social Art

Originally released in July of 2013, layrs was recently updated to include 19 blending modes and a new interface to allow more space for editing. layrs is FREE on the App Store.

Press Release - layrs

From Artware, Inc. comes, layrs, a true multilayer photo editing application for the iPhone that allows users to edit mobile photos with the same results as if they were editing on a computer, using an advanced/professional photo editing program. In just eight months from its launch, layrs has garnered 1.4M downloads and has an active community of photographers who use layrs on a daily basis. 

The ability to separate a photo into layers is made possible by layrs’ proprietary smart mask, an auto segmental detection technology, that senses the movement of the finger and spreads by itself to completely mark an object, isolate and extract it on it’s exact boundary with single pixel accuracy. With this capability to extract an unlimited number of layers from a photo, combine objects/layers from one photo into a another photo and edit each layer differently, a user is equipped with an app like they have never seen before. Further with layrs, the user can adjust the borders of the extraction by panning and zooming or by extending the mask beyond the edge of the app and swiping it back. This allows users to clean up uneven edges and allows the app to “learn,” thus improving functionality with each use.

Once a photo is separated into layrs, a user can then edit each layer differently.  By using the focus blur on the background a user can simulate shooting with a narrow depth of field.  Or by using the horizontal blur, shooting with a slow shutter speed can be simulated.  In addition, a radial blur allows for a different kind of creatively (see below).  There are over 30 filters ranging from subtle moods, vignettes, various textures to some drastic effects such as simulating shooting with a fisheye lens or dazzling part of the image (see below).  Any portion of the photo can be tuned or enhanced by adjusting saturation, exposure, heightening the contrast, temperature and hue.  


Further transformation of a photo can be achieved by replacing the background of an image, duplicating an object or extracting objects from one photo and placing them in another photo.  With the ability to extract and insert an unlimited number of layrs into a photo, users are creating amazing works of art (see below).  Now with the most recent version of layrs and the addition of 19 blending modes the community of artists are finding even more options for creative editing. These artists not only take a mobile photo, but intentionally transform it with the unlimited options available with layrs to create a unique piece of artwork. (see below) Such creative works of digital art has given rise to an artistic genre that can truly be considered the next movement of our time.

As noted by, Johan du Toit, the founder of Electronic Social Arts Forum, “From a mobile platform, whether smartphone or tablet, visual and verbal expression fueled by pictorial power is channeled through internet-and cloud-based new media tools, and experienced in the showroom of social media. Creative apps like layrs are enabling this new art movement, making art history happen before our eyes.”

Layrs has raised the bar for mobile photo editing.  A growing community of artists who may have never used a “big camera” or created other kinds of artistic expression before are now creating real works of art by taking mobile photos and editing them to develop their own masterpiece. Layrs is pleased to be an integral part of this history making movement. 

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