May 2, 2014

Distressed FX Updated and Temporarily FREE

Distressed FX has just launched their latest update and it's FREE today, May 2nd! With Distressed FX, you can add beautiful textures to your images. The latest update includes a few tweaks to the interface, 3 more painterly style textures, two new gel overlays and yes, you asked for it...more bird overlays!

Do you already love Distressed FX? Well, then you'll want to join the Distressed FX Facebook Group - artists from all over the world are featured! 

Distressed FX Screen Shots

You can vary the intensity of the texture for as subtle or strong an effect as you like. You can even add birds to your images or blur your image with a Straight or Round Style.

Below is an image before and after Distressed FX

Look what people are creating and posting on Instagram:

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