May 26, 2014

layrs - An Enabler for the Age of Electronic Social Art

Originally released in July of 2013, layrs was recently updated to include 19 blending modes and a new interface to allow more space for editing. layrs is FREE on the App Store.

Press Release - layrs

From Artware, Inc. comes, layrs, a true multilayer photo editing application for the iPhone that allows users to edit mobile photos with the same results as if they were editing on a computer, using an advanced/professional photo editing program. In just eight months from its launch, layrs has garnered 1.4M downloads and has an active community of photographers who use layrs on a daily basis. 

The ability to separate a photo into layers is made possible by layrs’ proprietary smart mask, an auto segmental detection technology, that senses the movement of the finger and spreads by itself to completely mark an object, isolate and extract it on it’s exact boundary with single pixel accuracy. With this capability to extract an unlimited number of layers from a photo, combine objects/layers from one photo into a another photo and edit each layer differently, a user is equipped with an app like they have never seen before. Further with layrs, the user can adjust the borders of the extraction by panning and zooming or by extending the mask beyond the edge of the app and swiping it back. This allows users to clean up uneven edges and allows the app to “learn,” thus improving functionality with each use.

Painterly Mobile Art No. 30

of or appropriate to a painter; artistic

“The artist never entirely knows — We guess. We may be wrong, but we take leap after leap in the dark” ~Agnes de Mille

Curls © Davinia
Curls © Davinia

May 24, 2014

Show Off Your Photos with Zoombook

It's nice to flip through your iPhone or iPad to view your photos, but there's also something to be said for having your photographs printed in a bound book to keep or give as a gift.

I was lucky to get to try Zoombook, courtesy of the nice people there who gave me a voucher to create books using both their online site and their Zoombook app. The results were two really high quality books that displayed my photos in vivid, crisp colors on quality paper.

Who are the hard-working folks at Zoombook? 

"We are a team of print professionals who work to preserve your precious memories in beautiful photo books. We believe that the creative process brings joy and its results are worth sharing. That is why we designed user-friendly online tools for creating photo books.  

Anyone can make a photo book: photographers, designers, chefs, marketers, bakers, travellers, children, grandparents, poets, writers, economists, anyone! Don’t just leave your pictures on your computer, let’s create photo books and share the wonderful moments with the world."

© Zoombook

For my first book, I used Zoombook's online site to create a softcover book featuring photos of my newest granddaughter. Below is the online interface showing a two-page spread and thumbnails of some of the other pages.

Zoombook Interface

May 19, 2014

Painterly Mobile Artist Anne Highfield

First of all I'd like to congratulate Anne Highfield who is today's highlighted Painterly Mobile Artist. Anne recently achieved the distinction of earning Honorable Mention for two of her images in the category of Still Life in the 2013 Mobile Photography Awards. Today Anne is the chosen artist in the ongoing series of Painterly Mobile Artists. The photographers are chosen from the Flickr Group - please join us if you enjoy editing mobile photos in a painterly way.

The Work

Winter River © Anne Highfield
Winter River © Anne Highfield

May 15, 2014

The Whole Story - Photo by Cadu Lemos

Although a picture is worth at least a thousand words, there are often times I see a photograph and want to know more. The Whole Story was started as a way to explore more about the story, the method, or the inspiration for capturing a particular moment.

The Photograph

© Cadu Lemos
© Cadu Lemos

May 14, 2014

Paul Moore - Featured Mobile Photographer

Today I'm pleased to present featured mobile photographer Paul Moore. When I first saw Paul's work, I just assumed he was a traditional photographer shooting with a DSLR. I was pleasantly surprised to find out he was using only an iPhone to capture the vast landscapes and beautiful portraits that grace his online galleries. 

What is your name and where do you live?

Paul:  My name is Paul Moore. I live in a town called Tullamore in the midlands of Ireland with my wife, Karen and my three children, Sean, Conor and Caoimhe.

How did you get started in mobile photography?

Paul:  I got my first iPhone (the iPhone 3Gs) towards the end of 2009. I rarely used the camera for the first few months as I thought that with a 3.2MP sensor it would be more or less useless. It was only when I found one of the early photo editing apps, an app called Photogene, that I started to experiment with the camera. I could use Photogene to try and make up for the inadequacies of the camera. I upgraded to the iPhone 4 and then to my current phone, the iPhone 4s. I have experimented with hundreds of editing apps over the years but have cut the list that I use regularly down to less than ten. I love the fact that I can take and edit photos and post to various social sites all with the one device. The technology has certainly come a long way.

Bath Night © Paul Moore
Bath Night © Paul Moore

May 13, 2014

The Cool Cam - Updated and Better Than Ever

The Cool Cam is a simple, straight-forward and easy to use photo app with some really nice filters to enhance your photos. The Cool Cam was created by Brazilian photographers Marcia Ramalho and Milton Montenegro and developed in Rio de Janeiro by Gaudium. With the newest version they've added editing tools to move, scale and rotate as well as controls to adjust brightness, contrast and saturation. 

The main feature of The Cool Cam are ten unique filters. Below I edited one of my recent photos by applying each of the ten filters. 

© Geri Centonze
Glam - Fantastic Watercolors

© Geri Centonze
Kali - Kaleidoscope eyes

May 12, 2014

Open Call to Mobile Photographers: Deadline June 2 | Commanding Vision

Attention all Mobile Photographers! 

I am pleased to spread the word about the open call to mobile artists for an upcoming exhibition in Corvallis, Oregon in August. The deadline is fast approaching on June 2, 2014. Details below. 

What: Call for photographs made with mobile devices (phones or tablets)
WhenAugust 21 – September 28, 2014
Where: The Arts Center, Main Gallery, Corvallis, Oregon
Deadline to Apply:  June 2, 2014
How to Apply:  Online  

Artists have embraced technology as an art-making process since photography became available in the 1800s. Each new technological advance increased the tools available for creativity and artistic expression through photography and mobile photography is no exception.  This method of image making has the potential for the greatest widespread influence of any type of photographic innovation. People who would never have considered themselves an artist, or even creative at all, now have the means to be just that with mobile device camera technology at their fingertips.

We are looking for the full breadth and depth of what mobile photography has to offer. While the chemical darkroom allowed some latitude for expression, the digital darkroom increases the possibilities for manipulation of images even more dramatically. Mobile devices have a myriad of programs and apps–all on the device itself–that give the photographer an incredible opportunity for creative expression. Mobile photography ranges from the representational to the abstract, from street photography, still lifes, portraits and landscapes to fully abstracted impressions. We hope to see examples of all these approaches, highlighting how mobile photography contributes to the expanding artistic vision of photography.

Painterly Mobile Art Monday No. 29

As the Painterly Mobile Art Flickr Group grows, it becomes more and more difficult to only select a few images to feature. I wish I could add them all! The limit for the group was just reduced to 1 per week. I look forward to seeing what you select as your best work for the week.

Whirlwind © Andrea Koerner
Whirlwind © Andrea Koerner

May 9, 2014

Flashback Friday - Sacha Dohmen Capturing Street Life in Belgium

Flashback Friday featuring early posts you may have missed.

It is always a pleasure to introduce another artist here at iART CHRONiCLES.  This week I have the pleasure of presenting the street photography of Sacha Dohmen (@maktub77 on EyeEm).  I applaud Sacha who with the help of his wife has overcome our language barrier to answer my questions in English.  Visit the streets of Belgium through Sacha’s eyes!  (Note, you won’t see Scottish Highland Cows on the streets of Belgium, but I had to include one of Sacha’s fabulous photos of this beautiful creature!)

© Sacha Dohmen

May 7, 2014

Sleekmaus and Stairs, Superstars of Surrealism - Part Two

Continuing on with the Superstars of Surrealism, here is Part Two as promised. (Read Part One here.) Today I am pleased to present the equally brilliant work of Wayman Stairs!

What is your name and where do you live?

Wayman:  My name is Wayman Stairs and I was born and raised in the California’s Central Valley, currently residing in Madera, California.

Follow The Yellow Brick Road © Wayman Stairs
Follow The Yellow Brick Road © Wayman Stairs

May 6, 2014

Sleekmaus and Stairs, Superstars of Surrealism- Part One

© Sleekmaus Brent Mosley
Brent Mosley aka Sleekmaus
I have followed the work of several surrealist mobile artists since beginning this journey in 2012. Today I bring you Part One of a two-part feature, Superstars of Surrealism. Part One focuses on the work of Brent Mosley, also known as Sleekmaus. Tomorrow Part Two will run, featuring Wayman Stairs. Sit back and enjoy the wild ride into the minds of some very creative gents!

What is your name and where do you live?

Brent:  Brent Mosley. I'm from a small town in the Central Valley of California, about an hour south of Fresno called Visalia. 

Freedom of Thought © Sleekmaus | Brent Mosley
Freedom of Thought © Sleekmaus | Brent Mosley

May 5, 2014

iPhone 5s vs Samsung NX300

I recently purchased a Samsung NX300 camera. I purchased mine from Best Buy and although the price in the store was $599.99, they price-matched Amazon's $499.99 listing! No, I haven't defected to "the dark side" and abandoned my iPhone, I just wanted another camera to use when photographing my grandchildren and my Canon was cumbersome and outdated. I opted for the NX300 on the advice of @lomokev on Instagram who highly recommended it. 

Samsung NX300 © Geri Centonze
Samsung NX300 © Geri Centonze
I've only had it for about a week and haven't even read the user's manual yet, but I did manage to do some side by side shooting with the Samsung and the iPhone 5s today to see how the results compare. So far the one feature I really like on the NX300 is the wi-fi capability which allows me to automatically back-up to my Mac or transfer to my iPad. I can even crop, adjust and edit images right on the camera - so, is this considered a mobile device or a traditional camera or somewhere in between? It is mirrorless, so what does that make it? I can even use my iPhone as a remote shutter which will help when I want to get in a group family photo!

Painterly Mobile Artist Michael Trombley

After learning more about Michael Trombley, today's highlighted painterly artist, I am pleased to hear that he allowed himself to take on a new love and create with the iPhone. His work is a beautiful addition to the Painterly Mobile Art Flickr Group!

The Work

The Bleeding Hearts © Michael Trombley
The Bleeding Hearts © Michael Trombley

May 3, 2014

Mobile Masters PROOF Second Edition FREE for Two Days Only! iPad Only

You have only two days to get the newest edition of Mobile Masters for Free. For a little added incentive, here's a sneak peak below. If you miss this opportunity, it will still be available on iTunes, but for a price of $4.99. UPDATE: This is available for iPad only.

Explore over 50 immersive interactive portfolios with over 300 images from some of the best Mobile Photographers from around the world. Hear them speak about their creative vision and how they created each image in their PROOF Portfolio. Each Artist also shares links to their favorite artist and mobile photo resources. You can even follow them on Facebook or email them directly from the ebook! In addition see video updates on some of last year's Mobile Masters and uncover many resources and tutorials to improve your work and get a complete understanding of the current state of the mobile arts. Dan Marcolina has also authored iPhone Obsessed and AppAlchemy.


  Add to Flipboard Magazine.

May 2, 2014

Autographer - The Hands-Free Intelligent Wearable Camera

Smile, you're on a not so candid camera. It seems we're being photographed wherever we go, whether it's by surveillance cameras or smartphones. I just learned about Autographer, "the world's first intelligent wearable camera". What do you think, is this on your wishlist?

Now available for purchase.

Distressed FX Updated and Temporarily FREE

Distressed FX has just launched their latest update and it's FREE today, May 2nd! With Distressed FX, you can add beautiful textures to your images. The latest update includes a few tweaks to the interface, 3 more painterly style textures, two new gel overlays and yes, you asked for it...more bird overlays!

Do you already love Distressed FX? Well, then you'll want to join the Distressed FX Facebook Group - artists from all over the world are featured! 

Distressed FX Screen Shots

You can vary the intensity of the texture for as subtle or strong an effect as you like. You can even add birds to your images or blur your image with a Straight or Round Style.

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