Apr 12, 2014

The Whole Story by Jesmondo

The Photograph

© Jesmondo
© Jesmondo

The Whole Story

I'm proud to say that I missed my train for this picture! I find it very difficult to walk from 'A to B' without something or someone catching my eye (everybody reading this must surely experience the same?!) and I think I was drawn to the symmetry here (which is slightly off, I know but hey! I'm an amateur!); I am also - visually - quite drawn towards shutters (see #shutternutter which is one of my unused worldwide tags) and obviously commuters (please see #ok_commuter / @okcommuter which is a tag I'm proud to have begun and which has a pretty great following). 

I have to try and take lots of pictures in the hope that one will be sharp. As you can see, he is not sharp but he was so perfectly slap-bang in the middle of the gap, I had to try and get it to work! I am very set in my ways with apps and filters and in that respect, this picture is bang on the money: 

Apps Used
Genius Scan (to get those pesky horizontals and verticals in line)
Snapseed - for straightening, sharpening, tuning, detailing, cropping, selective adjusting,
Pixlr-o-matic Plus - for filtering and framing 

The Photographer

I am a lucky husband and proud father of two brilliant boys, none of whom have the remotest interest in my Instagram obsession. By day I am a graphic designer, working for a brilliant contract publishing company in London. I spend what feels like a vast chunk of my life, commuting between South East and West London (Bromley and Kensington), two longish journeys, giving me buckets of time to 'fiddle around with' my phone (as my wife puts it). And because my commute has become my photography time, it has also become my subject matter. That said, I don't think my love of candid photography was necessarily borne out of circumstance; I mostly gravitate and aspire to other Instagram users who take pictures of a similar subject, when I'm scrolling through my timeline.

I shy away from any discussion about the morality of candid photography and I think this is because I just don't want to hear anybody tell me what I love doing is wrong (for whatever reason). But I do know that some people find it distasteful, so in a typically British fashion, I feel guilty about it but continue to do it (like not having 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day).

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  1. An absolute corker of a shot and I love Jesmondo's sense of humour.

  2. I agree - I think he should do stand up comedy - very funny and great writing style


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