Apr 28, 2014

2nd Zebra Awards and GoPix Award Winners Announced

The results are out for the 2nd Zebra Awards and GoPix Awards. The Zebra Awards are, as suggested by the name, for black and white photography (traditional and mobile photographers welcome). The GoPix Awards are for mobile only.

The Grand Prize for the GoPix Awards was given to Aylin Argun better known on Instagram as @xxfromneptune

The Zebra Awards Grand Winner Daniel FOJT

I was thrilled to be a finalist with two of my images for the Zebra Awards


And finalist with sixteen of my mobile photography images for the GoPix Awards including the following two:


To see the winners in all categories:


  1. Congratulations Geri - I really like your image "Many Lives" in the People & Animals category!!!

  2. Congrats Geri! These are very nice shots!:)

  3. Thank you so much - It was fun to at least make finalist!


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