Mar 1, 2014

What's Your Photobucket Hashtag?

What is it?

As a Photobucket Plus user I was allowed early access to a new Photobucket feature - Your Photobucket Hashtag. Simply, what this feature does, is allow you to claim a hashtag that will be uniquely YOURS. Then, any photos, whether your own or those of your friends, family or followers who use that hashtag on Photobucket, Twitter or Instagram will automatically have their photos uploaded to your hashtag album.

How to use it?

This feature has so many possibilities. Imagine you're at a wedding, graduation, party or other special event - you can create your own hashtag and everyone attending the event can use the hashtag, upload to Photobucket, Twitter or Instagram and all will be showcased in your hashtag album!

A company or brand could use their custom hashtag to gather images from customers around the globe using their product. This would also be a novel way to conduct an online photo competition because all three platforms could be used to upload photos rather than being limited to only one.

What's my hashtag?

I thought long and hard before claiming my hashtag (since for the time being I am only allowed one). I decided to use #pbiphoneography (all hashtags must begin with "pb"). My vision for this hashtag album is to create an online "living" gallery which will evolve as more iPhone photographers begin to use the hashtag. Most people are familiar with selfies and other random shots taken with an iPhone, but not everyone is aware of the the work being done by creatives worldwide.

Art of Mob will have a special page, The Gallery, dedicated to this hashtag album for all to view.

Join in!

I invite you to join me and start tagging your artistic images shot and edited with your iPhone (iPad or iPod Touch) with #pbiphoneography! Happy tagging!

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