Mar 8, 2014

The Whole Story by Mariëtte Schrijver

I have no idea what I will discover when I request The Whole Story behind an image. Little did I realize that this photograph that grabbed me by the heart would have such powerful meaning for Mariëtte Schrijver. How fitting that today is International Women's Day and this edition of The Whole Story features a moving image of a very courageous woman. 

The Photograph

Deo Volente © Mariette Schrijver
Deo Volente

The Whole Story

When I start, I never know what I'm going to do with a picture, what apps I'm going to use...things intuitive process. I always like to work with layers on layers to achieve a certain subtlety. I also want depth in each piece. The viewer must be able to "see" the layer below - to see what is untold and feel the atmosphere. Therefore, a work does not necessarily have to be beautiful... it is the experience that is important.

Because I have been seriously ill for a long time and won’t recover, the theme dead is such a “thing”. One day I was sick and tired in bed again as I made this picture of myself. (I work a lot with pictures of myself because I'm always available as a model). Then I decided to make something out of this photo that would express my feeling of that time…“oh shut up, when I die, then I die"...I’m not that religious, and had not planned to die for a long time, but the expression Deo Volente (God willing) appears in my mind. 

I love Repix and use it a lot. I started with it to crop the image and chose a lighting effect which made the picture softer. Then I went to Big Lens to blur the background. Because I like to have monochrome colors in my work I use Pixlr-o-matic often. It has several nice filters. I used one that made the picture a bit softer. (I also use Noir but not in this case).  After that, I used Weather FX to post a cloud on a white background. I mixed both pictures with Image Blender and I then I erased the part of the cloud photo that I did not want to use. I wanted it to be subtle and just visible. Now it seems to me as if I’m laying still and quiet in a bed of snow waiting for things to come…or not.

The Photographer

Mariëtte Schrijver - I am a Dutch minimalist painter, nearly 55 years of age. At the age of four I knew that someday I would be going to art school. But my parents were against it and therefore I chose another course of study. At the age of 42 I became ill and than I decided to start an academic art study and leave the job I had. My professional career in the arts began with making "rubbed ' pastels. Portraits of emotions, and especially those of mothers with an autistic child (I have a daughter with this limitation).

Soon it was not enough anymore - this kind of expression.  I wanted much more depth. I chose, partly because of Henk Peeters (famous artist from the Zero).  He became my mentor and made me love modern minimalistic and conceptual art. 

At this time I'm immensely fascinated by art of mobile photography. I think art made in this way, will be one of the most important art disciplines of this time.  I've only been working with mobile photography for a few months.  Just before last Christmas I was inspired by Nico Brons, a well-known iPhoneographer in the Netherlands. And now I am forever infected with the art of mob virus.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Mariette's story

  2. I am always humbled by what some people have to go through.

  3. Thank you Mariette and Geri for the opportunity to discover this impressive work and life story. I see a little of me in Mariette's story like the early choices rejected by parents, a daughter with Asperger's (in the autism spectre), and the style of this wonderful work. Keep it up girls!

  4. Always keep a smile.. Thanks a lot Cadu

  5. Thank you so much Cadu - It does sound like Mariette's story runs parallel to your own. I am inspired that in spite of hardship you both can still find it in you to create!

  6. Thank you Geri for presenting us with Mariëtte Schrijve's work and story. It always amazes me that individuals of our age group decide to make a big change in their lives and go another direction by following the heart.

  7. Thank you Egmont... It was a good choice to make

  8. I was so touched my Mariëtte's work and her words. There is something interesting that happens to us all when we get into our 50's and I love to see that in others as well. It's often a time for a new life within our old life.

  9. It normally takes a half of a lifetime to find out what is really important for ones persona gratification, but first we have responsibilities to family and work.

  10. What I'm finding really interesting is that now that we have a grandchild in close proximity (the others are scattered across the country), it has changed my perspective on how I want to spend some of my time. I guess we are constantly evolving.


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