Mar 15, 2014

The Whole Story by Eitan Shavit

The Whole Story usually features one image, but I was very intrigued by this series of shots by photographer Eitan Shavit.

The Photographs

The Blue Gate 1 © Eitan Shavit
The Blue Gate 1 © Eitan Shavit

The Blue Gate 2 © Eitan Shavit
The Blue Gate 2 © Eitan Shavit

The Blue Gate 3 © Eitan Shavit
The Blue Gate 3 © Eitan Shavit

The Whole Story

"Photography is a response that has to do with the momentary recognition of things. Suddenly you're alive. A minute later there was nothing there. I just watched it evaporate. You look one moment and there's everything, next moment it's gone. Photography is very philosophical." [Joel Meyerowitz]. 

The old city of Jerusalem is divided into four uneven quarters: the Muslim Quarter, the Christian Quarter, the Jewish Quarter and the Armenian Quarter. They all blend into the other, without borders, and you can suddenly find yourself in another quarter that looks quite the same, but the language is different, the people, the writing on the walls, the scents... 

I was walking from the Jewish to the Muslim quarter, drinking fresh Pomegranate juice, and found a place to rest a bit, in front of a magnificent blue gate. The light was hitting the gate perfectly, and I just needed someone to pass by to make it a perfect street photo. It was a quiet alley, without any movement, so I waited patiently... 

On my right I saw this man, not quite decisive on where to go, and was very happy he started to walk towards my direction. Milliseconds before I took the first photo, a small group of military soldiers suddenly appeared from the left between me and the man. I took three pictures. Call it chance, call it luck, call it karma, call it coincidence. I call it reward. A reward for a photographer's patience.

The Photographer

I'm Eitan Shavit, going by the name @strongcomet. I reside in the Jerusalem district in Israel, with my lovely wife, Rachel, and an extraordinary dog named Cashew. Although I did study photography for two years after my high school graduation, I never took it to the next level, and only took photos on rare occasions or trips. Instagram made me come back to business, and I was thrilled by iPhoneography, photo apps and the large community of worldwide photographers that shares and gives immediate feedback and love...and for that I'm so grateful.

I would like to think of myself as a street photographer, but it turns out I'm off the streets most of the time, so now I take planned shooting walks, preferably in Jerusalem, which is an amazing city with lots of different sides and faces.

When I'm off the streets, I'm traveling in the beautiful nature that surrounds my home, and since there are no people around, I add ghostly figures and have them accompany the mystery of the woods, paths, fields and trees. Lately, I even began taking pictures specially for my ghosts, which is something I have never done before.

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