Mar 14, 2014

Photo App Friday - Monokrom Giveaway

Remember to Tweet some of your favorite apps and tag them #photoappfriday. Let the world know what apps you love - make it even more interesting...try and find one that's not already at the top of everyone's list!

Today in honor of Photo App Friday, I'm pleased to have a giveaway for Monokrom B&W Photo Editor. This app has a really unique interface - if you've ever used fingerpaints, this will be a breeze for you. Below is a video demonstration showing Monokrom in action.

Monokrom Overview

Tone Mode - you have three pucks which you can slide across your image:
  • Orange controls brightness (up and down) and when moved left to right controls how the colors in the original photo are converted to shades of gray.
  • Green controls the contrast with up and down and sliding left to right changes the image from faded to extreme shadows.
  • Blue is used to tint your photo - left to right changes the tint and up and down increases and decreases the amount of color applied.

Finish Mode - choose from two pucks:
  • Red adds grain or noise - move to the right to increase grain and move up and down to change the texture of the grain.
  • Blue controls the vignette. Moving up increases the vignette and moving left to right changes the size of the vignette.

Memory Mode allows you to create and save custom settings. Complete instructions are included in the Help section of the app. You can save up to 7 formulas for future use.

How to enter the giveaway - Leave a comment below. I'll announce the winners on Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. PDT. 

Winners were selected - Darren (the developer) kindly added five more promo codes.
Congrats to:
Ahmed Shaaban

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  1. Looks like a great app! Guess there's a plus side to not being able to fall asleep until 3 AM :)

  2. Curious, I'd like to try this app out!

  3. Would love to try the app, heard great things about it :)
    Greetings Beezzz_

  4. Really appreciate the opportunity. Thanks!

  5. Wow! Would love to test it!

  6. A great
    opportunity to go back to the essence of photography. I wonder what the great
    masters of B&W photography ( Adams, Cartier-Bresson, Smith, Weston,Bernhard
    & Co.) would have done with these new approaches to photography. In the end
    it´s the eye, experience and love for the craft that objects become art. As Ansel Adams said: “ You don´t make a
    photograph with just a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the
    pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the
    people you have loved”….So, let´s think about that the next time we “click”.
    Great app to bring back the “color” of photography: black and white.

  7. Oh yes please! Pick me! Always keen to try a new app (especially at a great price!)

  8. I would like to try it. Thanks!

  9. Very interesting app ! I would like to try it :)

  10. Good Luck - the drawing will happen soon!

  11. Thanks so much for the app - can't wait to try it. Have a good week, Sue

  12. You're welcome - I know you'll like it!

  13. Late as always. I thank you for discovering another application that looks promising. Bought and downloaded.

  14. It is a wonderful little app - alas I am late checking around other blogs as well! I have a couple of your articles bookmarked to read, but time is flitting by!


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