Mar 24, 2014

Painterly Mobile Artist Paul Cutright

Featured artist Paul Cutright asked me what it was about this image that I liked. For me, it was the flow and movement in the piece. My eye was drawn in and while looking at is I had a feeling of peace and relaxation. When you find out what Paul does for a living, you won't be surprised that I felt an easing of tensions while viewing his work!

The Work

A Walk by the River © Paul Cutright

The Artist

Paul earned a BFA in Fine Art Photography from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1973, graduating with honors. He has been carrying and using a camera ever since then and he is an accomplished fine art photographer.

His work has been published in magazines and books, exhibited in galleries and hangs in private homes. He has worked professionally as a wedding photographer, studio photographer and editorial photographer. 

Paul is also a relationship expert and bestselling author along with his wife and creative partner, Layne. Together Paul and Layne have led relationship success, communication and conflict resolution workshops all over the world. They currently reside in Asheville, NC where they offer their relationship coaching services locally and to a worldwide audience via the Internet.

Paul's Commentary

This image of flowing water is one of several I made recently during a walk along the Laurel River in Western North Carolina. I made this on my iPhone 4s with Slow Shutter Cam, an app I particularly love. I like the magical, otherworldly appearance it can produce. I am inspired in this kind of imagery by the Impressionists because that style of visual expression most closely approximates how I see the world.

That being said, my photographic tastes are highly eclectic as is my subject matter. I enjoy portraiture, landscape, still life, street photography, black and white and color. My photographic influences by other photographers are really too numerous to mention! 

I have been using an iPhone almost exclusively since November 2011. My enchantment with photography has been reborn and rejuvenated by the freedom to photograph unencumbered by traditional photographic equipment, as well as the spontaneous and intuitive application of creative expression afforded by a huge selection of apps!

I did very little editing with this image, however. Just some simple adjustments in Snapseed, which is usually my first choice for fine tuning an image before using any other apps. 

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Apps mentioned:
Slow Shutter Cam

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  1. Thank you, Geri, for this solo feature! I am honored to be chosen for this.

  2. You're welcome Paul - it's a pleasure to feature your work


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